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Fastest Way Home

Fastest Way Home: 5 Google Maps tips to speed up websites

Do you use Google Maps? We have compiled the five best tips to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. It must be theirs!

We may not remember it anymore, but we carried a particular device for this purpose before we moved to a place in the car using a GPS. Hulk with an updated screen inserting an SD card, we had to pay for updates … With the advent of free GPS navigators, everything in power with Google Maps and Navigation has changed.

Google has revolutionized point-to-point guidance with the introduction of beta navigation in Google Maps in the version of Eclair 2.0. It has been raining for no less than nine years. We had connected the smartphone to our travels at the time, and now it seems impossible to have a device to guide us on the roads of the world.

Google Maps, with additional point-to-point navigation, is the cheapest, most practical, and complete option to reach any destination with our Android and without downloading other applications. Now, how can we speed up navigation to reach our goal faster? Today, we’ve selected five tips and tricks to help you get to sites more quickly using Google Maps. Do you know them all?

Allow Google to suggest the best time to leave

If you use the same lines every day, it’s best to populate Google with these favorite places, like the usual “workhouse – home to work,” thus representing the best time to leave. You should do the following:

  • Go to Google Maps settings.
  • Enter “Edit home and work.”
  • Set your usual destinations so that Google takes them into account when sending traffic and departure time reminders.
  • Exit Joost’s and enter “Notifications.”
  • Go to “Regular trips” and make clear that the “Trip duration” option is activated.

Also, you must authorize Google to use your location. It is enabled by default, but you should be sure.

  • Enter your Android mobile settings and access Google options.
  • Go to “Location.”
  • Scroll down to the “Location History” and make clear it’s turned ON.

The final aspect of this field is to allow Google to indicate the most common ways to visit the places you usually visit. Once you are active above, you need to do the following:

  • Enter Google Maps settings.
  • Click on “Personal Content.”
  • Check the “Simple routes” option.

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Use real-time traffic options.

Fastest Way Home

With the number of Android devices streaming on the roads, Google knows what their traffic state is. Although the data you use may be anonymous, it may appear to lack privacy, but it is worth using this data to get there faster using Google Maps and navigation.

To activate the traffic options in real-time, launch the new navigation, and display the bottom menu by clicking on the down arrow. Check “Show traffic on the map,” and Google Maps will show traffic on the map. This way, you can see the fastest routes at a glance.

Do you want Google Maps only to find routes for you based on traffic and distance? When you are in the navigation window, you can click on the “root” icon next to the arrow. Unravel the possible routes and take into account the traffic conditions and choose the fastest way.

Download the area you use most to keep the map offline

This is the trick that can save you if you do not know all the means, and you lack coverage. How do you make sure you always have GPS navigation? Download a common map area on your mobile to obtain insurance against setbacks.

Downloading offline maps to Google Maps is easy; follow these steps:

  • Scroll through the hidden menu on the left side of Google Maps on your Android.
  • Select “Offline Maps”.
  • Click on “Choose your card”.
  • Select the most extensive section that will cover your usual routes.
  • Download it to your phone and make sure you always update it via WIFI.

In this way, you always have at hand the possible routes to your most common destinations. And even if you have coverage or data on your mobile, you can access any other site in the downloaded map. We recommend that you have this card, which will save you a lot of trouble.

Add direct access to Google Maps navigation.

To speed up the start of navigation, it is best to put a shortcut on the home screen of your Android so that you do not have to be entertained. It is efficient and saves you a few clicks:

  • Enter the Google Maps settings and go to “Navigation settings”.
  • Click on “Add a driving mode shortcut”.
  • The window will open with the icon. Click on the image and place it in your favorite place on the desktop.

If you are traveling in a group, share your location in real-time

Traveling in many cars always risks losing someone on the road; Consecutive delays generally accumulate when looking for a meeting place. The solution? All cars share the location in real-time, so everyone knows where the rest is. It is convenient.

To share your route with your friends in real-time, you must scroll down the hidden menu on the left side of the screen and click on “Share location.” Choose the maximum length of time to share and send a link to Google Maps using messaging apps or direct contacts. Make all those who are going to travel as a group.

Google Maps and its voice-guided navigation system, Google Navigation, is a great way to get quick, anywhere, efficiently, without spending a penny. It is worth using all the tips and tricks that we have discussed in this article: they save a lot of time. Of course, always drive carefully:

It is not that important putting yourself in danger to gain a few minutes.

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