Battery Percent iPhone x

Battery Percent iPhone x

Due to Stripe, the iPhone X status bar displays less information than its predecessor. Here we show you how to activate the remaining battery percentage of your iPhone.

With the advent of the iPhone X family, a lot has changed in the iOS version compared to the previous iPhone generation. Other innovations include the appearance of a notch called a notch, which prevents the display of certain information, in particular a battery.

The band displayed on the iPhone X screen is good (which includes sensors and cameras used to take selfies and fake IDs), but it eliminates much of the space where relevant information is usually displayed. How can we retrieve this information?

In this article, we’ll give a brief explains how to find information about the battery percentage of your iPhone X. You can also check out our in-depth analysis of the iPhone X and then find out how to get the most out of it.

Status bar information is displayed and deleted

Apple has reduced the information presented at the top of the new iPhone X screen so that only time is shown on the left.

Already on the right side of the line, we have the Wi-Fi wireless signal, the 4G connectivity signal, and its coverage, and there is a third graph that shows the remaining battery for the iPhone, but it doesn’t there is no exact number.

What has disappeared?

The first data that we lack is the telephone operator, which is generally displayed on all telephones. The location services icon, usually located on the left, also disappears.

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The information associated with the iPhone and when it is connected to an electrical power source when it has entered charging mode is now displayed differently on the battery graph itself.

Battery Percent iPhone x

How to Find the Percentage of Battery Capacity

The control center is the ideal place to verify this data. Swipe down with the simple gesture of your finger at the top right of the iPhone X, and you’ll have quick access.

Each time you connect the iPhone X to a charging source, a graph showing the current percentage of the battery appears. “What is my battery percentage?” The Siri assistant is also useful here. Or “What’s my battery?” Siri points it at you.

View battery percentage data on other iPhone models

If you have a model other than iPhone 8, 7 Plus, SE, or iPhone X, the battery percentage information is slightly different.

Like the iPhone X, these models always display the remaining battery power as an icon in the upper right corner of the home screen. But, unlike the iPhone X, they have plenty of space to show it off, which also adds to the size number.

Open the “Settings” option, swipe down and press the “Battery” option at the top switch. With the battery percentage, we can display the remaining capacity in figures.

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