Bed Bugs vs Fleas Bites

Bed Bugs vs Fleas Bites

Bed Bugs vs Fleas Bites: Differences between bedbugs and fleas, nobody wants them in their bed!

If you wake up with tiny bumps on your body and they don’t fly correctly, it’s probably a little bug stuck in your bed. But how do you know what it is? Learn the differences between bedbugs and flies, and nobody wants them in their bed!

There is absolutely nothing that makes me worse than the little bugs. There is something in them that makes me uncomfortable to imagine them, because the fact that they are not fear but that you do not know that they exist, because of their size, does not make me not realize that they exist.

And probably the two most common are bedbugs and flies. Unfortunately, on one occasion, I was the victim of some, and I was unaware of the attack on me, but there were only so many memories of picketing in my body. To prevent this from happening to you like me, learn the differences between the two.

Bedbugs, the terror of your mattress!

Also known as bedbugs, these are tiny red-brown parasites (yes, because they eat blood). According to MedlinePlus, they can measure 0.6 to 1 cm when they are adults, but when they are still (young) nymphs, they are smaller; However, both share the characteristics of having a flat, oval body.

Fortunately, they are not linked to the spread of the disease, although some people may experience allergic reactions, such as blisters or stiff rashes, so it is essential to see a doctor. If not, this is a way to determine if this is a bed bug for you:

You (almost always) itch with a dark red spot in the center of the red dots.

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The stakes can be online or in a group.

They are usually found on the face, neck, arms, or hands because they “attack” exposed skin, hence the importance of wearing pajamas, especially if you sleep in a hotel.

If you find stakes with these features, check your home for bedbugs. An excellent place to start is the bed, especially the mattress, headboard, and closets, but they can also abide hidden in chairs, armchairs, cushions, and folds of curtains.

One way to simplify the task is to look for “apple seeds,” but if you spot red or dark spots, they may be the blood of the crushed bed bug or its excretion, although it is also possible to find dry or empty skin.

If you find evidence, it’s best to call a specialist to help prevent the spread of these pests, because if you don’t believe them, the less they care about cleaning, the more they can go up ” at one year without eating.

Flies are not exclusive to cats and dogs.

Bed Bugs vs Fleas Bites

Usually, we tend to blame fur flies, but even if they like to live there, it is also possible to find them in humans. Like bedbugs, these insects feed on blood, and if you have a pet, it is common to bite you if it is far away.

Unlike bugs, as the KidsHealth website reveals, the eagle is small, like a pinhead, and has the particularity of jumping, with people or animals for food.

Flies generally irritate the legs and clothing areas: the hips, thighs, lower abdomen, the more they are usually grouped in 3 and are very irritating. Like bedbugs, you are allergic to their saliva so that you may get blisters, and you will need to see a doctor.

Bed Bugs vs Fleas Bites

If you notice flea bites or have seen them on your pet, you need to apply the treatment, but also at home and outside.

None of these insects are pleasant, but that does not mean that you are a hygienist. Therefore, you should not regret finding them; on the contrary, you must recognize them and act accordingly.

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