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Each year, many games are released on PC for larger licenses and standalone games. Suffice it to say, it’s hard to choose the best of them! We had to make some choices not to integrate too many old games (such as the ’90s cult doom), only to talk about games that were made immediately for PC release (and then not ported), or to exclude those we could only play online.

We bring you the following 15 “Best games pc all time” by trying to cover any kind of game as much as possible by setting these limits.

In this first section, we present you a few games, coming from anywhere, that quickly rank in the hearts of many gamers

Celeste (2018)

Best games pc all time

Celeste (2018)

Celeste 2018

The next Best games pc all time is Celeste. The first of our picks may surprise you with its stunning graphics for the 2018 creation. But there are many surprises in this old school pixelated game. This is a platform game, in which you play Madeleine, who took up the ascent of Celeste Mountain.

Why? It was a little ambiguous at the beginning. But in her innocent and intelligent air, Celeste has overcome herself with a truly touching story and focus on exploration.

And by overcoming you, he will ask you. Because you will not die ten times, but 100 or 1000. What should be discouraged? According to the game, “The more you die, the more you learn.

This is not because we have to pass: we have to explore and think about the best (only?) Way to do this. The slightest error in your calculations can be fatal, but luckily it only takes a few seconds for Medline to get up and try the experiment again.

You have to climb over 700 levels, combining three basic techniques with the only weapon that is divided into eight chapters: jump, dasher and ascending, to combine justice.

The main quest will be completed in 8-10 hours if you’re good, but you’ll need at least twice to go through all the bonuses, and even triple if you start the strawberry crop.

In a nutshell, Celeste is a game that will be put on by all lovers of platform games … and for all those who want to learn it!

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Child of Light (2014)

Best games pc all time

Child of Light (2014)

Child of Light

The next Best games pc all time is Child of Light. With Child of Light, we’re staying in a game that resembles an early journey. Despite its platform game performance, it remains one of the best action-RPG games of recent years. You play as Aurora, the young princess of the dead, whose soul is projected in the kingdom of Lemuria. The night reigns there because the Black Queen stole the sun, moon and stars.

It is up to you to retrieve the three sources of light, protect Lemuria and join your father. What is remarkable in this game is the artistic direction that excels from every perspective. From hand-painted dకcor to adorable characters, rhyming dialogues and the piano soundtrack created by the talented Pirates Heart, everything is designed to take you on a dream-like journey.

There are many side quests that allow you to create your own story. Regulators of the genre will be happy to find turn-based fights with the gauge developing based on character stats. And if the difficulty is not particularly high, the level of variability of the measures to be taken.

Next to it is a skill tree, filled with one’s affiliates, but above all is a workshop that produces actual, precious stones that you can cultivate and combine in multiple configurations to improve your features.

All in all, it takes you more than 10 hours to complete this enchanting adventure, which is quite correct depending on the price the game offers!

Gray (2018)

Best games pc all time

The next Best games pc all time is Child of Light.In many ways, Gray is similar to the Child of Light, so it’s no surprise that the title draws our attention.

This time it’s a platform game in which you come across a young woman named Gray, in a black and white world, after a traumatic personal experience. It becomes a question of restoring colors through a true initiation journey.

But let’s talk about its shortcomings right away: the game is simple, maybe a little too much. Progress is done in a straight line (with a few exceptions in the last levels), and going through the levels will definitely ask you a little reflection sometimes, but not enough.

It gives you a lot of time to think about the world of Gray. Granted, the decorations are minimalist but, quite interesting, with a watercolor way. A very sad soundtrack will surely remind you. And the absence of conversations, rather than being an obstacle to understanding, allows you to enjoy a truly sensual experience.

For NeoAnderson, an editor and hardworking gamer, Gray is close to perfection. The title makes him feel all sensual in every moment we travel in this poetic universe

It may be a shame that the game doesn’t take you more than 5 hours, but it must be acknowledged that it effectively avoids a recurring trap. Most certainly, you will be upset by it.

Ori and the Blind Forest (2015)

Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Ori and Blind Forest
  • 19/20 (
  • 8/10 (GameColt)
  • 10/10 (Gameblog)

The next Best games pc all time is Ori and Blind Forest. We conclude this section with Ori and Blind Forest, a little pearl (and others, by the way) to be put in the hands of any admirer of Ghibli Studios.In the meantime, this is a 2D exploration game in which you are a kind of forest spirit between Ori, a cat and a rabbit (or chapin for friends). With Leprechaun Sauce. Your goal is to protect the Spirit Tree and the Nibel Forest.

Obviously, this is not a very original summary. But with its blend of fantasy and Nordic legends, Ori is easily engaging in its melancholy and earns your interest … if the amazing models don’t already do that!

The gameplay is not very original (it is a classic Metrodnavia type game), but it is very well versed. Where Gray does not require special ability, Ori does the opposite. Suffice it to say you will die many times over!

Your progress will be marked by the acquisition of new powers. Until you come back to visit a level adorned with your new skills, there are many objects in the world that some objects cannot enter.

The game takes you under 10 hours to complete, but it takes a little longer to fully explore it. That’s why it’s a good lifespan … even if it’s a safe bet that you always have very little taste, the game takes a lot (we challenge you not to shed a single tear while browsing). Fortunately, the second Opus should be released in February 2020!


Some games are so popular that they become a genre icon. Are you looking for the best fighting game? The best strategy game? The best puzzle game? This is where it happens!

Battlefield V (2018)

Battlefield V
  • 17/20 (
  • 8/10 (GameColt)
  • 10/10 (IGN)
  • 7.5 / 10 (Gameblog)

The next Best games pc all time is Battlefield V We have hesitated a long time to integrate this game into our selection, and as we announced from the beginning, we decided not to consult the games that are mainly played online. Now, if you know a little

If we “whip” at our limits, this is because, unlike the first games, it has a solo mode to succeed once through three “War Stories“. Each of these mini-episodes follows a different character and allows you to not only discover a few more forgotten parts of history, but also to indulge in an adventure that places a greater emphasis on the human side.

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the team’s game, Battlefield V should appeal to you in particular, as the collaboration has never been so exploitative.

The story takes place in World War II, returning to the origin of the series (the first game of the license was Battlefield 1942, released in 2002). And to celebrate it, we have to admit that this is the richest and most immersive opus (we strongly advise against a much smaller audience). Of course, visual quality has nothing to do with this!

In the end, this game is worth a detour. License connoisseurs will find new innovations in this fourteenth version that will delight them, but novices will enjoy both design and gaming, especially with the successful bottle royal mode.

Civilization VI (2016)

Civilization VI
  • 17/20 (
  • 8/10 (GameColt)
  • 8.5 / 10 (IGN)
  • 9/10 (Gameblog)

The next Best games pc all time is civilization V1 If you don’t have a civilization license, know that this is a strategy game based on the same principle every time: build an empire, grow over thousands of years, and develop different cities on a map divided into hexagons by developing appropriately.

This Opus is the seventh in the series. It was first released in 2016, 25 years after its release. And on this occasion, the youth was introduced into the breath-taking series.

Of course, you always have to define your technical and cultural policies, develop your army to protect or expand yourself, or negotiate with surrounding leaders, but civilization has not yet involved you in the management of your empire.

So, for example, the micro-management of cities is strengthened and if you want to see the city grow properly, you need to be strategic in the placement and development type of each district.

A very complete, civilized VI will convince the regulars of the series and the beginners in the field (these are a little difficult to get started). Finally, the graphics, which are somewhat edited in cartoon mode, are really successful and add to the overall undeniable charm, despite some debate among fans.

If you’re looking for a 4X type game (“Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate”), it’s still very successful.

Cities: Skylines (2015)

Cities: Skylines (2015)
  • 17/20 (
  • 7/10 (GameColt)
  • 8.5 / 10 (IGN)
  • 8/10 (Gameblog)

The next Best games pc all time is cities Skylines. We’re in the same game with cities Skylines, City Builder-Style Management Game, SimCity.

Regulars of the genre do not go down: you have to choose the land from the dozen maps you give, find your first way, install the drinking water, electricity, your first building, etc.

It stands out from the competition, thanks mainly to its massive maps: As your city grows and the population grows, it is always possible to buy adjacent land, and more.

Some maintenance tools, such as the possibility to individually designate each management district, are also not common (you can create a non-smoking district, for example), which can affect your outcome (favorable or not) for the entire city.

On the other hand, one of his frequent criticisms is his low level of difficulty: if you do not handle it as a disaster, your money reserves will be difficult to come by, and your growth will sometimes be too fast.

Other than that, this is a game that will appeal to all fans of the genre. The breadth of space, the extensive designs, and the many feedbacks you receive from your residents make it their own game in the world of city builders.

Dragon Ball FighterZ (2018)

Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • 18/20 (
  • 9/10 (GameColt)
  • 8.5 / 10 (IGN)
  • 8/10 (Gameblog)

The next Best games pc all time is Dragon Ball FighterZ. If you’re a fan of fighting games and a fan of Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball FighterZ is the game for you.

This is another adaptation of the popular manga series, where a two-dimensional fighting game takes place between two teams of three protagonists.

And while we may be surprised at first (“Another DBZ game?”), We have to admit that FighterZ is simply incredible, especially on a visual level, taking the anime’s graphics too high. Also, we are not the only ones to appreciate this title!

As Anthony points out from the Actuique gaming blog, Dragon Ball FighterZed is a fan favorite with many references to the original manga. We have seen Bandai Namco do a great job of making this title the best fighting game on the license.

During clashes, the gameplay is so great and nervous that there is no time to get bored. Additionally, the graphics and visual effects really feel like we have entered the world of Goku and his many friends. The whole is sprinkled with an excellent soundtrack, a must for lovers of fighting games.

His success, even more impressive than anime, has also won NeoAnderson, editor and hard-core gamer. It also emphasizes the great accessibility of the gameplay, though it hides a formidable dose of technology and its considerable content for a fighting game.

Suffice it to say that the back-to-back fighting games are eager to hang on to being seduced by such a Kamehameha of video game bliss!

Portal 2 (2011)

Portal 2
  • 19/20 (
  • 7/10 (GameColt)
  • 9.5 / 10 (IGN)
  • 9/10 (Gameblog)

The next Best games pc all time is Portal 2, if it’s from 2011, is probably the most popular game in the world, and is consistently named one of the best PC games ever.

Thinking in this platform game and the subjective view is the second instalment in the Chelsea series, the same protagonist in the first game, who wakes up after a hundred years of biostasis and must escape Glados, the aperture science complex, which is in ruins.

In fact, the game takes on the principle of Portal Gun, which makes it possible to create a two-way path, but it also enriches with a whole range of other functions, such as lasers, light bridges or tunnels… One thing is for sure, you need to solve the puzzle and move from room to room Brains need to be rocked.

If the game does not require the ability, it will make it an escape for you. But it does not disappoint you, it entertains you with the (black) humour it shows, and prevents you from getting bored even in the moments you have missed most.

If a ten-hour game featuring a single-player campaign is not enough for you, you can spend more time in coop mode, where two players can play two robots, each with their own portal gun and you can’t get out of it without coordinating with your partner.

Obviously, the graphics, which weren’t already revolutionary when they were released, were already a bit of a hit, but we’re sure Portal 2 will beat you with its gameplay and atmosphere. Not to be missed a cult game!

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