Black Cat Breeds

Black Cat Breeds: Characteristics of black cats

Black Cat Breeds: Although black cats have been victims of a bad reputation for centuries, almost no one tarnishes them today and these days they enjoy a good reputation in many homes thanks to the fact that they are kittens with a character Are mysterious and have a very special personality.

Characteristics of black cats are not uncommon, and in this article, by an animal expert, you will be able to find them, but before you give a little more information on the widespread belief that why black cats are associated with bad luck.

This legend is so extensive that these cats are least requested to adopt a cat without reason.

Whether you already have a black cat or adopt someone, do not be superstitious, and dare to read all the good qualities and characteristics of black cats. In this way, you will realize how special they are and how they love to receive love and love, just like all living things.


  • Black cats throughout history
  • Symptoms of black cats
  • Black cat breeds

Black cats throughout history

The belief that black cats bring bad luck is due to an unfortunate and lasting reputation these animals have suffered for centuries. In the Middle Ages, religion became radicalized.

Humans began to accuse all of these women, who did not follow their principles of witchcraft, even stating that they could turn into these cats, who Pleased to save himself from his alleged black magic that was destroyed by fire.

So seeing a black cat was almost like seeing a witch, and so superstitious they were inauspicious.

This legend became popular during the witch hunt and diminished over the years. Unfortunately, many people still think that crossing the black cat will bring them some negativity.

Fortunately, at many other times, black cats were considered sacred and, for example, as representations of the goddess of ancient Egyptian Egyptian cats Bastet, where she was punished and maltreated with capital punishment. He went with his owners to be reborn in the beyond.

Similarly, other cultures like the Scots have always believed that having a black cat at home would bring them luck, as former sailors thought that having a cat on their ship was a sign of good luck.

Or in Victorian England, where it abides, believed that if newlyweds marry a black cat, it will ensure their marriage prosperity.

These cats have gained an excellent reputation over the centuries and an abysmal reputation for many others. Still, once we get to know the true characteristics of black cats, we will realize that our fate does not depend on them.

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Symptoms of black cats

A feature of black cats that can act seen with the naked eye is the beautiful fur of this color. Despite the negative connotations, it represents that the color black is also associated with mystery, elegance, loyalty, passive force, infinity, and silence.

Black Cat Breeds

Despite superstitions, black cats are the most loving and playful kittens, so they have a very close relationship with their owners, and when they find affection and love, they are very grateful. They like to be warm when you are in bed or lying next to you on the couch.

We cannot confirm that they have done all this in history and due to their genetic inheritance. Still, these cats are very comfortable and intuitive and distrustful of people and other animals and very, The least threatening signs, the tendency to run away to defend themselves.

They are usually shy at meeting a stranger at first, but once they see that there is no danger and know that you will never harm them, contact them with caution to welcome and care for anyone Welcome as doers.

Also, it is essential to know that during hot periods, black cats are very active and noisy and hyperactive, so it acts recommended to sterilize them whenever possible and thus avoid accidents. Flee Or survives.

On the other hand, if they are not in heat, black cats are calm and gentle animals, with which they can easily mate.

In summary, the character of black cats is calm, comfortable, shy, and very affectionate.

Black cat breeds

Bombay Cats
Scottish Fold
British Shorthair
Russian Black
American Shorthair
Cornish Rex
American Bobtail

There are two known breeds of black cats in the world that differ radically in their body shape: the ordinary European black cat and the Bombay black cat.

The origin of black cats of common European breed is unknown, but they usually have a healthy body and are not entirely black, but have some white hair in their fur.

Instead, black Bombay cats first appeared in the United States in the 1950s, specifically Kentucky, when Ann. A breeder named Horner crossed brown-haired Burmese cats with short-haired American black cats.

These cats are thicker than average Europeans and have shorter facial hair with more facial features.

However, they are both very similar physically and have the same personality and character.

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