Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato

Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato

Difference between ice cream, gelato, snow, and sorbet Enjoy any season of the year with these desserts: ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and ice

Ice cream, in all its productions, has become more than a dessert. For chef Juan Carlos Gruber, the creator of the unique brand, it is also a meal that can be combined with salty ingredients and be part of a meal. Not much has changed in recent years, except for a metal plate with nitrogen or at temperatures below zero.

What makes the difference is its presentation, more and more Instagramable, original and fun, inspired by mythical creatures with a super aesthetic served as flower petals.

Another way to classify them would be by their type, and that is that the term “ice cream” is a generality to a certain extent to which they fit: yes, creamy ice cream, but also ice, gelatos, and sorbets.

Then we tell you what the difference between all these varieties is:


Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato

It acts prepared by mixing cream and milk, egg yolk, and, most of the time, different fruits or flavors. One of its main features is that it beats faster than other varieties, which makes it less dense and act served at a lower temperature than gelato, so it usually melts in less time.

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Gelato act made from milk, which makes it less fatty than traditional ice cream. Also, thin air acts used during its preparation than other varieties, which makes it super creamy and compact.


It is a traditional Mexican preparation, in which sweets of Asian origin may have a history. Coolers use ice and mix it with natural fruits, by hand and using a shovel, most of the timber. The correct temperature, place it in a metal container and surround it with ice and salt.


It is “lighter” than traditional ice cream because it acts prepared with a mixture of water and glucose. Another main ingredient of this is natural fruit juice.

It may contain alcohol, and due to its light texture, it is worth drinking as a drink.

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