Haunted Mansion Disney World

Haunted Mansion Disney World

Mysteries of the Haunted Mansion

The haunted mansion is one of the original attractions of the Magic Kingdom and has been open since the park opened on October 1, 1971. A haunted mansion where extraordinary things happen, it also keeps many mysteries unknown to most visitors.

I will tell you the details of the statues and tombs that we can see in attraction.

At the entrance is the bustle of the “terrible family” …

Who is afraid?

Fear is the former owner of this building, their tragic and tragic end … 6 members of the family have killed themselves for their inheritance. Whoever has the act killed is killed, that is the rule of crime.

Uncle Jacob (mid-autumn) is a very greedy person; he is the first person killed in the family. His killer was Bertie, who poisoned him with food.

Bertie (first on the left) is a very experienced hunter who killed her trophies in the same way. Aunt Florence put an end to her life by drawing a weapon from her collection.

Aunt Florence (2 left) raised the birds, living only for them, paying no attention to other family members, but inherited a fortune after killing Uncle Jacob and Bertie. Still, the twin’s Wellington and Forsia gave him The raptors soaked in seeds.

The twin’s Wellington and Forsythia (2 falling to the right) died in their sleep, and after the death of Jacob, Bertie, and Florence, they inherited the family fortune. Still, one night with their cousin Maud Dormir, hitting everyone world with a hammer.

The last heir to the family fortune of Prima Maude (first fall on the right) died extraordinarily. He did not use metal wedges in his hair but used the match as a hairpin. One night while sleeping, he died from the fire of his lock of hair.

Tribute to charm

It is a legend that in every mausoleum attraction, there is a ghost. But what is each grave?

You can see many mausoleums that have to abide by added to the attraction over the years about affecting way to the entrance of the building. All have a special meaning.

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“Grandpa Mark” is a tribute to Mark Davis, who died in January 2000. Mark played an essential role in the history of the Walt Disney Company, as he was the animated cartoonist Bambi, Cinderella, Malfica, and Cruella Vale. But he is also responsible for painting the entire interior of the attraction, which he considers his masterpiece.

Haunted Mansion Disney World

Haunted Mansion Disney World

Mark was the only person to say goodbye to Walt before his death. How I appreciate it One day Walt came to Davis’ office and said goodbye to him, it was the last time he saw her, and after being with him for many years, Walt physically left the world after one week.

“Francis Xavier,” a legendary artist at Disney studios, is one of the script organizers for Disney Hits. He is the screenwriter of “The Haunted Mansion” because it is a mausoleum in honor of Francis. But it was not his most outstanding achievement; his maximum recognition came after writing “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“Captain Culpepper Klyin,” the coffin filled with saline to remove dust from his body, is a mystery. Legend has it that the captain took a bath, slipped, and suddenly passed out. Part of the secret behind his grave is that when the captain dies, he sneezes and kills passing visitors. One of the characters created by “Grandpa Mark” (see foreground)

“Master Gracie” is one of the Imagineers revered in attraction. Yale Gracie is one of Disney Studio’s most recognizable artists and a close friend of Walt’s. He worked as an animator for Disney for 36 years. I wrongly told that nobody knows or has never recorded, but one of the greatest successes in the history of Disney studios was his responsibility for animation.

“The father of fantasy.” It was not when the mausoleum acts opened to the public, but it works kept in a haunted mansion after the Yale act killed during a robbery in Los Angeles.

The fact of the color on this stone is that every day they turn a faded rose from their grave.

Tombstone of the company’s Imagineers legend.

“Vathel R. He was responsible for the original development of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Jungle Cruise” and “Enchanted Tiki Room.”

“Good Old Fred” is another tribute to the legendary imagers of the company. Fred Joiner was responsible for the development of Main Street and Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

“A Man Named Martin” is a tribute to the veteran of the Disney studio’s art studio Bill Martin and is one of the organizers of the development of Disneyland, considered as one of the imagers of the Disney service, for the history of the parks is original.

The creators of “Cousin Huet,” the haunted mansion, are simple and straightforward. Cliff Huet is the designer and architect of the attraction.

“Brother Claud” is a mausoleum that pays homage to other legendary Claude Klaus from Disney Studios. All his life in the service of the company, he was artistic director and was later responsible for the park’s design. He was one of the few imagers to have worked on the development of 4 theme parks during his career. He participated in Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disneyland Tokyo, and Disneyland Paris projects.

“Mr. Sewell,” considered to be one of Bob Sewell’s parents at Disneyland, was responsible for leading the teams responsible for identifying all of the attractions that opened the park in 1955.

Haunted Mansion Disney World

“Dear Sweet Leota,” they already know him, but they don’t know who he is! Yes, that’s right. There is a tribute to the tomb of Leota, one of the historic designers of Disney Studios. But why would I say they know it and don’t know it. Leota is the woman seen in the Spirit Ball crystal ball during a visit to the attraction. The funny thing is that Leota was only tested with other fictitious people to welcome the launch of the crystal ball, but her test performance looked so terrible that it left there.

Let’s talk about the look of the kids waiting to enter the mansion.

Now, you know that the income comes from the family inherited from Dredd, who was murdered by the family clan, and all the graves correspond to a tribute to the Walt Disney Company created for their legendary imagers.

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