How Long do Hard-boiled Eggs Last in the Refrigerator

How Long do Hard-boiled Eggs Last in the Refrigerator

We all like to have hard-boiled eggs in the fridge for sandwiches, sandwiches, or salads, but how long does a hard-boiled egg last? The answer is Sean Day.

There is a reason that the phrase “smells like rotten eggs” is associated with a sour and annoying smell. The smell of rotten eggs is anything but beautiful.

Boiled eggs should be kept in the refrigerator. According to the United States FDA, boiled eggs are exactly one week, peeled or under cooked, until they are refrigerated.

Once boiled, the eggs last only one week but until they act kept in the refrigerator after cooking. Surprisingly, isn’t it? Especially when you think raw eggs last about five weeks.

Boiling the eggs dissolves the cuticle, providing a protective layer in the shell. It is the cuticle that gives the eggs long shelf life. While most of this protective layer is washed away during the packaging process, the rest disappears with boiling.

Without this layer, the shell holes act left open, making it easier for bacteria to contaminate the eggs. And we all know that contaminated eggs are dangerous.

Using hard-boiled eggs in your preparation can boil, which last week, always kept in the refrigerator and preferably in airtight and sealed containers for maximum protection.

Hard-boiled egg dishes (such as egg salad sandwiches) preserved in a transparent film in the refrigerator can last for 3 to 4 days.

Can boiled eggs be left at room temperature?

This not recommended to eat boiled eggs at room temperature for more than two hours.

How Long do Hard-boiled Eggs Last in the Refrigerator

How do you know if hard-boiled eggs are rotten?

The smell is the best indicator. If the egg smells brittle or has any rotten smell, throw it away. The same thing if you notice a change in color, texture, or notice that the egg has started to dry.

If everything looks good and smells good, then cut the egg in half, and if the inside is good, try it. Depending on the taste, decide whether you eat it or not.

Of course, keep in mind the cooking date of the egg. And if you have kept boiled eggs in the refrigerator for more than a week, throw them straight out. Prevention is better than cure.

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