How Long Does a Laptop Last

How Long Does a Laptop Last

I changed my laptop a few months ago and, like any new toy, you don’t want to destroy it anytime soon, so I looked for some tips to extend the battery life of my laptop. The battery of the previous laptop was damaged, six months later and I was still connected, did this happen to you? It’s annoying.

It reminds me of the 17-year-old Apple MacBook Pro, whose battery lasts up to 8 hours, is removable and costs 9,179; But for those of us who can’t afford it, I’m going to share these tips with you that I put into practice with my new laptop.

For Apple users:

I found a section on the official Apple website where they teach you how to increase the battery life of your laptop. In their recommendations, they stated:

Temperature: the performance of your Apple laptop between 10 best and 35 ° C; Regarding storage, we recommend that you store it at temperatures between -20º and 45ºC, but ideally, keep it as warm as possible (around 22ºC).

Brightness – dims the screen as low as possible to allow you to increase battery life.

When you are not using your laptop for a long time: make sure to charge it at least once a month and make sure you do not download it entirely so that you will have no problem charging it.

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Power: The economizer control panel offers various settings that determine the power consumption levels of your MacBook.

How Long Does a Laptop Last

Airport: wireless networks consume energy even if you are not used to connecting to the system; You can turn it off from its control panel to save energy as with external devices such as USB or CD-Rom.

For PC users:

The Matera battery recommendations are similar to those for the Mac, but it’s good to have clear instructions and to share our experience with the methods of handling our laptop’s battery separately.

Screen: it consumes a lot of energy due to the brightness that allows it to see the content. To optimize this power, you can reduce the intensity of your screen to save energy.

Power change: Windows Vista has features that allow you to improve battery performance in this case. Look for the energy-saving option in the Start button.

Wireless networks: It is essential to deactivate Wi-Fi when you are not using Wi-Fi because wireless networks generally consume energy when they are not working. Some laptops allow you to manually disable the wireless adapter and let the old one from the control panel.

How Long Does a Laptop Last

Use of peripherals: peripherals such as USB are a source of energy, even if you do not use them, if you do not use them, make sure that there are no devices connected by USB: webcams, mouse, memory, etc.

Using CDs or DVDs: If, for any reason:

you leave a CD or DVD in your CD-ROM, and your laptop is disconnected, do not hesitate to use this device as it consumes part of the energy available, so be sure to remove it to avoid unnecessary use.

Here disable certain things: those who use Windows Vista can take simple steps such as disabling Windows Aero and Windows Sidebar, which makes your laptop more efficient.

With these tips, the battery lasts a little longer, but it is essential to remember that batteries have a limited charge/discharge cycle life. Each time you discharge and recharge your battery, you’re getting closer to the end of its lifespan. The more you work on the power and the less you rely on the battery, the better.

I hope they can work for you and share other tips that have worked for you. How do you give the longevity of your laptop battery? How long is your laptop battery?

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