How to Clear History iPhone

How to Clear History iPhone: so that no one can see this private information? Step by step guide

How to Clear History iPhone: One of the natural and best ways to protect the privacy of our mobile devices is to leave minimal evidence for everything we do on them. But leaving the least trace is a bit difficult and because they are too

Therefore, in this article, we have made a simple guide for the thorough cleaning of your mobile iPhone.Which apps on my iPhone device leave data history?(How to Clear History iPhone)

Let’s see now


Most browsers and search engines on mobile devices leave a record of the sites we have visited and the content we regularly have.

These applications can be a native search engine for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or iOS Safari. But more specific search apps are also included, for example, YouTube.

Positioning system

These types of applications manage the most critical data because it directly affects our privacy and security, such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, or other third-party tools that include GPS.

They usually keep records of our daily trips to different parts of the city or town where we live, so it’s essential to have reasonable control over this and avoid getting into unwanted hands.

Call log

The Call Book is another clear example of an application on our iPhone that leaves an accurate record of our calls per day, which indicates which contact is called and how long the call lasts.

Messaging apps

Messaging apps go beyond the usual SMS, and many of them can be downloaded from the App Store and leave a record of conversations while we chat.

WhatsApp and Telegram are well known, but certainly seem to be a lot of people with a little research.

Social media

The last example we use is that of popular and addictive social networks, yes, believe it or not, every hour you spend their leaves a significant mark in your research and conversations with other users.

Steps to delete your browsing history on all browsers for iOS

Browsers generally leave a history of all the websites you visit, as long as you do not do so anonymously.

Then we will look at the steps on how to delete browsing data from some of the most used browsers on the iPhone:

In Google Chrome

Chrome is a popular browser in which you can remove all the registers you have. If you do, you should remember that everyone on your device has been removed and that you have already synchronized with different methods associated with this account.

Find out how to do it by following these simple steps:

Access your search engine

Look for the “More” option and enter “History”.

When you enter the history, all the sites you have saved will be displayed to you, recently or a long time ago, at the bottom, you will have the option of “deleting navigation data”.

When you are going to select this option, make sure that the “Browsing history” option is selected. If you want to delete a few items, you must identify them to keep them.

Select “Clear browsing data” and confirm the option you selected, at the top, you will see the “Done” option, press it to delete all your history.

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Safari is the default browser for Apple computers, so it’s easy to learn how to remove search history from here:

To delete cookies from your browser, go to “Settings” on your smartphone and look for the “Safari” option.

When you log in, you will be presented with several options; at the bottom, you will see the option “Clear website history and data”.

How to Clear History iPhone

For the moment, you delete your history when you perform this step, but you should know that your keys or users are stored.

If you want to delete everything, after performing the previous steps, go to the “Advanced”> “Website data” section in the same window and select “Delete all data”.

In Mozilla Firefox

It is one of the most user-managed browsers like the previous one, and to delete the browsing history you need to follow these simple steps:

In the upper right corner, you will find a button with three horizontal bands, click here and find the “Settings” button to enter.

We respectively select the option “Delete private data” in the drop-down menu by checking the “Search history” box. You should be noted that you can also delete cookies and caches from here.

Then select the “Erase private data” option.

If we only want to delete a search for a specific site, all we have to do is a pan in the “History” section, find the one we want to delete, select it, and swipe to the right.

You will notify us immediately if we want to remove this site from our searches and click “OK”.

How to Clear History iPhone

If we want to get clear of all the data, after entering the drop-down menu, click on the button on the top right corner under “Settings”.

In the “Confidentiality” menu, we successfully go to data management and activate the “Delete private data” button.

How to delete your location history on your iPhone so that no one knows where you are.

Believe it or not, this app is one of the great keepers of history because it not only saves the places you are looking for in your GPS, but when some websites request a home, it already exists. The same thing happens when you send a location report.

Since the location program has been deactivated, they will be activated at the same time as you authorize, as will the history.

Clear location history often

You have to remember that not only do you have an account, but also a history of the places you visit often, this is generated automatically.

Considering that the choice of “frequent location” of iOS 11 has been changed to “Important places”:

Go to “Settings” on your Mobile and look for the “Privacy”> “Location” tab.

The displayed tab displays a list of all the applications you need to have a local system. At the bottom, you will see a section that says, “System Services.”

This tab shows you several options to activate or deactivate the function, such as “Important places” or “Frequently say the position.

In the tab that opens, your history of frequent places is displayed, you just have to select “Delete history”.

Done that way, you don’t track your various locations.

Delete part of your location history

“Update Do you need to delete all the accounts from your iPhone so that nobody can see them? Register here and find out how to do it easily and quickly 

You must also enter your cards to clear all your paths:

Access your “Maps” at the top of the page “Menu your” Ways “More “.

You are about to select the “Configuration” option, locate the “Location Configuration” section and click “Delete Period from Location History”.

Delete a day from your location history

To delete a single day from the position history, we must follow the procedure above. When we reach the section “Delete a period from the position history,” we only select searches and visits of the last 24 hours.

How to Delete a Location History Stop

Sometimes we want to delete the destination or the destination where we went, and we don’t want to know anymore, for that we have to open “Apple Maps” and in the search bar at the top, click there and show us all contacts.

Successfully select the location we want to delete and swipe left to remove it.

How to easily and quickly delete the call log from your iOS Mobile?

Here are three effortless ways to delete call logs from our iPhone.

The first of them allows us to delete call records individually:

How to Clear History iPhone

We open the “Phone” application.

Then we enter the “Recent” section, and after having the folder that we want to delete, we drag it to the right

Immediately we see the “Delete” option and press it to make the recording disappear.

The second way allows you to delete multiple records in one action:

In the “Phone” application, we go to the “Recent” section.

Then go to the “Edit” button on the screen.

Next, we need to identify all the records that we want to delete, and in doing so, they are marked with a red symbol “-“ and then we have to click on “Delete.”

Finally, we need to click on the “Done” button at the top of the screen.

The third way allows you to delete an entire record without saving time:

After accessing the “Phone” application, and in the “Recent” section, we click on the “Edit” button.

Once the edition is active, the “Delete” button appears at the top, which contains all the records of the application.

A confirmation message appears to delete all the records, disappearing from the mobile when we accept them.

Steps to clear history from all your messaging apps on iOS phones and tablets

We will now see how to delete the account and conversations of the most common instant messaging apps on the iOS device


WhatsApp is the most used messages in the world, and to eliminate conversations, only a few simple steps are necessary:

Once we have entered the application, we go to the dialog that we want to delete and select it without opening it and drag it to the right, and immediately the red button appears on the right side which says “Delete say.

When we press it, it disappears from our mobile?


Telegram is the best instant messaging processors after WhatsApp, to delete messages and conversations, open the contact chat you want to delete, and click on the three dots button at the top. Screen.

Finally, we select the “Delete chat” option.


There is no option to delete the chat on Tinder, but you can delete your registration with different contacts. To do this, we must cancel correspondence with the person who wants to remove the entire conversation. Once the contract is entered, we select it and swipe to the right to remove it.

On Instagram Direct

To protect our privacy on Instagram, there are a few settings that we need to remove; the first is to delete the search history, for which we click on the Cogwheel option in the account profile, the “Configuration” and the “Delete search history” option in “Security”.

In the case of chats on Instagram Direct, we need to maintain the conversation we want to delete and select the appropriate option.

If you have questions regarding this article, leave them in the comments, we will get back to you as soon as possible, and I’m sure it will help a lot more community members. Thank you!

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