How to Cut Chicken Wings

How to Cut Chicken Wings

Do you want to know How to Cut Chicken Wings? If you want them to look extraordinary, don’t miss this process step by step to cut them like a pro.

We often buy chicken wings that come in one piece: the thigh act attached to the side. And we find it difficult to clean and cut them at home.

It is a straightforward job; all you need is a good knife and a little patience. We follow the steps given by you and your chicken wings will feel like they come out of a professional kitchen.

Step by step to get the right chicken wings

1. Check that there are no wings left

The first thing is to check all the wings and check that there are no wings left. If there is, remove it with tweezers. They must be as clean as possible.

2. Separate the thigh, wings, and toes

You need to separate the thigh from the wing part, and the tip on this last part should abide by removed.

If you look closely, you will see that there are cartilages between the thigh and the wing, and between the tip and the wing, i.e., they are two moving parts. It is where you need to make incisions. In the following photo, we have marked the areas with black lines where you need to cut.

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Do this process carefully, cut the tendons apart, and separate each piece. It should be minimized and avoid cutting the bone so that it does not split.

When you have three different pieces, you can save tips for using chicken broth.

You can leave the wing part as it is, but if you want to make it easier for your guests, you can push the meat out of the area affixed to the tip using a knife, so that you can cut the bone. Something free. It will make it very easy to take them by hand.

3. Make a “lollipop” with your thighs

To make your thighs like lollipops and your guests can hold them by hand, you need to do the following:

Cut the part where you hold the thigh, just below the cartilage, until you reach the bone. So you separate the flesh from the cartilage part. Remove and discard the cartilage and this part of the skin.

Using a sharp knife, take the bone down from the thigh that the bone will be visible.

Once at this point, you can leave it so that some chicken skin lollipops are out, or you can push the meat until you flip it without completely separating it from the bone. In the latter case, the skin will be inside.

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