How to Power off iPhone X

How to Power off iPhone X

The iPhone X was the first Apple smartphone to not have a physical home button, but it was not the only feature left by the company with the arrival of a terminal.

Other notable changes include the new gesture to display the Control Centre, a different shortcut for taking screenshots, and how to Power off the iPhone X.

The lack of a physical home button forced Apple to change the button activated by Siri, and the company decided to keep it on the side button, where historically the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch were extinguished with a long press.

 For this reason, they had to find a new way to start shutting down the iPhone X, and we will explain in the following lines how to do this.

A new key combination to turn off the iPhone X

To turn off the original Apple computer, it is necessary to combine the two physical buttons on the device. Specifically, it is required to press one of the side buttons and the volume buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

By doing this, the terminal understands that you want to deactivate it, and the simple menu shows you the “Slide to Disable” (with others like an emergency call). You only have to swipe, so that iOS closes all processes and turns off the iPhone X.

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Disable iPhone X from iOS settings

The new way to turn off the iPhone X is very convenient and still very similar to the approach used so far, but it is also possible to turn off the device from iOS if you wish.

Specifically, you need to go to Settings – General and scroll to the end of the menu. There you will see a button with the text “Stop in blue”. When you touch it, the “Slide to Disable” menu appears, and you have to slide following the previous steps of the key combination.

It is the most important to note that this option is not only available on the iPhone X, the rest of the device with the latest versions of iOS is also likely to turn off in the settings.

What do you think of the new shutdown mode of the iPhone X? A small change, but another example of how the new team broke with some of the things that came from the start of Apple’s mobile devices.

This way you can quickly Power off the iPhone X, XS and 11

If you see for a way to turn off iPhone X, Xs, and 11s as soon as possible, we’ll show you how to do it.

In our iOS tutorial, we will teach you how to deactivate iPhone Xs, Xs, and 11s as quickly as possible.

Surely, you’ve always wanted to turn the phone off quickly and be mad at it. Of course, you ended up turning off the iPhone the traditional way.

How to Power off iPhone X

But we have a solution to prevent this process from happening. With the combination of buttons, the button seems to turn off the device. We will tell you below.

How to quickly deactivate iPhone X, XS, iPhone 11 and 11 PRO:

It’s effortless, and you don’t know at first. It takes time to get used to it, but when you do it several times, you internalize it, for example, the way we turn off our iPhone.

If you try to use the Power button or use the terminal to lock/unlock, you will notice that you only activate Siri and the iPhone does not give you the option to deactivate it. This is why we must proceed as follows:

  1. Press the Lock / Unlock button or the Power button on the right side of the screen.
  2. Without releasing this button, we hold the volume down button.
  3. Now we see the screen to turn off the iPhone.

In this way, we ensure that the “Medical” and “SOS Emergency” options appear, as well as the “Off” slider. We first show our medical data, which comes from pearls in case of accident or illness. With the second option, we can quickly call the emergency service.

Another way to turn it off:

You can also deactivate the iPhone 11, X and X by combining these other buttons:

  1. Press and then release the upper volume button.
  2. Then rapidly press the volume down button and release it.
  3. Hold the on / off button.

In this simple way, we can deactivate iPhone Xs, Xs, 11s, and 11s PROs and find the easiest and fastest way to do it is insane. Siri is no longer visible to us when we want to deactivate it.

Therefore, you already know how to turn off or wake up your iPhone with these new buttons.

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