How to Remove Carpet

How to Remove Carpet

How to Remove Carpet: If there are dirt, grime, and other dirt, they are on the carpets, so it is advisable to change them often, but keeping the new one first, remove the old one and do not don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it. Try.

1. Preparation

If you think it will act done in an hour or a few minutes, then the truth is not so, so the most practical thing is to use all the tools, gloves, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. before deciding to remove the carpet. It is will significantly simplify your performance in terms of time, as you have the task of researching everything in advance.

2. Floor without furniture

The safest thing is to have furniture or heavy items where you want to remove the carpet, so it’s time to start moving everything around and make sure the space is empty.

Try to ask for help to remove them; you will save more time. However, you take care of your furniture or walls. Optionally, you can clean the carpet beforehand, so that when you remove it, the dust from it will be less.

3. Protect yourself

Using heavy tools and dealing with a lot of dust and dirt, finding the right way to protect yourself and take care of your health is a good idea, whether you are tough gloves, an apron or coveralls, a mask or a facial mask and Presto! These are powerful tools, so you shouldn’t have any significant problems.

How to Remove Carpet

4. Magic tweezers

ready to pull from the side of the mat; if it is screwed, all you have to do is use screwdrivers to remove each screw.

and you will use an almost magical tool to pull the mat; Some tweezers can make your job easier, but be careful to use them without worrying, remember that prevention is better than regret.

5. Maintainable mat: How to Remove Carpet

If it is a large and heavy carpet, and you want to facilitate the work and see that you progress, the idea is to cut the rug into strips with a knife or a razor; you will realize that you can gradually remove it. The game and the task at the end seemed easy.

6. Remove the studs

Sometimes carpets, as well as screws, contain several toxins that help connect to the floor and remove them using a flat bar, which is an essential step because the ground is free of obstacles.

Seven clean

Now that all that’s left to do is clean up, I imagine the floor is filthy, so you can wipe it off first, then wipe it around a few times so that it is spotless, and finally apply some sort wax or special liquid depending on the substance of your soil.

How to Remove Carpet

This step is also essential so that when you put the new carpet in place, it adheres well to the floor.

Everything is ready, consider that you need at least a full afternoon to do this, all the tools are prepared and challenging to work with, but if you want to avoid this tedious task.

 It is best to hire an expert in collect waste, dismantle your carpet in one day and recycle. Keep it clean Take your time, think, ask for your budget for waste collection, furniture, and furnishings and spend time doing what you want to do.

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