How to Send a Google Calendar Invite

How to Send a Google Calendar Invite

How to Send a Google Calendar Invite: Do you want to organize a meeting and receive a reminder to all members? You can do this very quickly through Google Calendar. This tool will send a notification to everyone you want to call the event.

It should act noted that in quarantine when there is an increase in head office, distance courses, and other online activities, this option can be beneficial.

How to send a digital invitation

You need to enter Gmail, then go to Settings and Calendar. It will display the calendar associated with the user’s account. Then you have to create a new event, for which you have to add the name of this meeting or call, then you have to choose the “Add people” option.

There you will have to enter the emails of other users whom you wish to call. Then click “Save” option and invitation “Send by email”. This way, all users will receive an invitation via email.

Video calling app

Video calling applications are also among the many digital devices that have become very popular during quarantine in the context of an epidemic. There are a few options available here.

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How to Send a Google Calendar Invite: Skype

The free version of Skype allows video calls for up to 50 people, while the paid version has a limit of 250. If it is only an audio call, you can join up to 25 people simultaneously. The service allows you to record video calls and share screens with the users you are chatting with.


The service, also from Google, is integrated into Gmail, with which it is too elementary to access this option available for iOS and Android, from web and applications. Up to 10 people (Gmail, G Suite Basic) or 25 people can participate in video calls (in terms of business options and educational programs).

Messenger rooms

Messenger Rooms is a new Facebook service that allows you to create a virtual meeting room with 50 people at the same time. This option is included in the Messenger application and will enable you to create a meeting room.

Video editing applications

The video editing platform can also be useful for teaching lessons or giving animated presentations.


It is a classic: it has been on the market for a few years and has a very simple to use interface. It can act used to create videos, add segments, merge, filter, music, texts, and stickers. It is effortless to use and is available for iOS and Android.


It is an application that has multiple models, selects one, adds desired photos and videos, and the system automatically edits everything with a similar style. Then it is possible to adjust the speed, duration, or include texts. It is available for iOS and Android.


This tool is only available for iOS. It allows you to edit photos, videos, music videos, add transitions, titles, and voice overs. It is also possible to change the video speed to increase or slow down the pace. Does not include a watermark and It is free.

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