How to Sign a Word Document

How to Sign a Word Document

We explain How to Sign a Word Document. We are going to suggest two methods. The first one is a little rudimentary, and you can scan or have the image on the computer with your signature, then you can add it to the document. And the second is the most secure and the most “official,” which requires ID. Paid digital.

We will still start with the first method, but know that it is not accepted or legally valid on official sites because it can act easily manipulated. And then we will let you know the second.

Add a digital signature.

The most basic method is to add a scanned or scanned signature. To do this, start by signing the paper, then scan it in image format using your scanner. You can also use the Office lens to scan the signature as shown, or if you have a device with touch input, write the remaining signature on a white background.

Now open the scanned image of the Word signature. To do that, click about affecting Insert section in the top menu also access the illustrations to click on the image option inside. File Explorer opens, where you need to select the image of the scanned signature.

How to Sign a Word Document

If your signature acts scanned with a background color similar to a white or transparent word, click the Remove Background option you see in the Format section that appears when you click and select the image.

By default, the background removal tool automatically chooses the items to act deleted in pink. However, some letters can act deleted halfway, so this recommended to use the Mark areas button to keep and review the text of the signature. You can also check what you want to delete these fields.

Once you’ve removed the background, crop the image to fit the sign, and save it. To do this, right-click on it after cropping with the cropping option and click Save Image. If you have a device that accepts a pen, you can record a process by signing an image for this method.

How to Sign a Word Document

Now go to the text you want to sign and insert the image with the signature. TODO this, press Insert again and select the image option as we taught you at the start, and after inserting the image, move it and use its edges to give it the exact size you want. Wish. Also, keep in mind that this is an informal method of getting around the house.

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Use digital identity signature in Word

The second is that it is very “official” to give authenticity to word signatures, but it is also necessary to spend money to have a digital identity. The first thing you need to do is open the document you want to sign in Word, and in the Insert section, select the Text and signature line option.

The Signature Settings dialog opens, where you decide what text you want to appear below the signature line, such as the name of the person you are signing, their location, or their email address. You can also add instructions for signing. When you act done, press OK.

When you accept a signature line act created under the document, if you want to make a form to print with a signature line, that’s fine with you. You can save the document in PDF format and then sign the PDF. However, to sign it in Word, double-click the box or right-click to select the signing option.

If you select the signing option, Word will tell you that you need the ID. Partners create digitally. The dialog will take you to a web page where Microsoft will put you in touch with some of these partners. This id. Digital payment services, and depending on what you choose, can cost anywhere from $ 22 a month to over 300 a year.

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