How to Tell if Steak is Bad

How to Tell if Steak is Bad

Foodborne diseases such as E-coli and Salmonellosis are responsible for millions of poisoning cases per year, and most of them are the result of poor nutrition.

Therefore, it is necessary to store meat properly, as the risk of getting sick from food poisoning increases aggressive when it is not fresh or not stored properly. You can identify meat in poor condition and know when it may pose a health risk, we recommend that you continue reading the following few lines from this OneHowTo article.

Steps to follow:

1. Before purchasing a meat container, check the expiration date on the packaging. If the expiration date has already passed, you should not buy it, no matter the cost, as it may be in poor condition and pose a risk to your health. Likewise, if the container does not have an expiration date, batch, or packaging, avoid purchasing it primarily for safety reasons. Conversely, the best thing to do is to choose completely fresh meat, enter articles, and determine what characteristics each type of meat should have.

How to Tell if Steak is Bad

2. The primary color that will warn you whether it is in bad shape or not is the color of the flesh and does not need to pass its expiration date. Please note the following:

  • Poultry meat can range from a bluish-white color to a more yellow color.
  • Raw pork should, under optimal conditions, be a pinkish-gray color.
  • As a rule, ground flesh act associated with a bright red color; however, you should know that it is not its natural color, and it happens because it acts exposed to air. If freshly ground meat is vacuum packed and protected from oxygen, its color should be of a purple tint. On the other hand, contrary to popular belief, when minced meat turns slightly brown, it does not mean that it is in poor condition, but it is related to older animals. Also, on many occasions, store lighting can cause the flesh color to vary, making it reddish-brown.

3. Smelling meat is probably the easiest way to tell if it is corrupt or in good shape. Regardless of the type of meat, if it stinks or smells bad, you will know that it is inedible, and you need to get rid of it. Above all, hen meat has a very characteristic odor indicating that it is not in good condition; it is a type of foul smell that can be recognized early.

How to Tell if Steak is Bad

4. Taking the time you need to inspect the meat in detail and remember that rotten meat has typically a thin texture suggesting that bacteria on its surface have already started multiplying. Boiled chicken can also be somewhat sticky and have green or black areas, a sign that mushrooms have already begun to spread and grow.

How to Tell if Steak is Bad

5. If you have already checked that the meat is in good condition and can eat it without any problem, then we invite you to read the following article, in which you will be exploring various ways of cooking and serving it. Can:

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  • Leaving meat in the freezer for too long will not spoil the product, but it will change its color and remove its nutrients.
  • Please do not rely on store sales dates where you buy meat as a sign of its freshness, as these dates are easy to handle. Use your senses (including common sense) to decide whether the meat is fresh or spoiled.

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