How to Uninstall iPhone app

How to Uninstall iPhone app: Four different ways to remove or uninstall apps from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)

Downloading new iOS apps from the App Store is an easy task, and over time we end up with many apps installed on our iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This becomes a problem because the storage space for the equipment is limited.

If you like most iOS users, deleting apps that you don’t use regularly is an excellent way to reclaim storage space, make your device useless battery, receive fewer unnecessary notifications, and update fewer applications. Regular.

How to Uninstall iPhone app Four easy ways to delete apps from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Deleting the device app doesn’t mean losing it, because you can download it again from the App Store if you need it at some point, but the reality is that you can install the apps on your device “just in one case “and you’ll spend years and months without using this.

If U want to get rid of all the overhead of apps that are not used in the following lines, we will explain some of the most common ways to uninstall apps from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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From the main iOS screen

This is a popular and generally quick method if you only delete one application. All you have to do is place your finger on the icon of any app on your device.

When you do this, the icon with the X in the upper left corner of most apps also appears (which doesn’t show that you can’t uninstall native iOS apps). Tap the X of the application you want to delete and check with the context menu that it appears so that you can delete it.

It is most important to note that deleting an application also deletes the content stored there. For example, if you delete a notes application that has no cloud sync, the notes will be lost when you remove the app (unless it’s a native iOS app).

From the settings

Another right way to permanently delete apps from iOS devices is to manage from Settings – General – Storage and iCloud – Storage.

How to Uninstall iPhone app

How to Uninstall iPhone app

This way, you will see a list with all the applications installed on your device, and above all, the space occupied by everyone (a file will be generated which shows the busiest at the start and the least occupied at the end).

This list is a great help in deciding which apps to delete because if you see something that you have never used or almost used, and that takes up a lot of space, you should first decide to remove it.

To uninstall an app from this menu, tap the app you decided to remove and drain the Remove app option.

From special software

Using specialized software to manage iPhone devices is also a great alternative, especially if you can delete most apps with just a few clicks.

In my case, the option chosen makes it better than the previous version with all the features it offers, a good design, and each update of the program.

Using this software, you must connect the device to the computer with open software, click on the Applications option, select the ones you want to uninstall after loading (hold down the command key and click on each application you want to delete) and confirm by clicking on the Delete button.

Also, if you want to save a local copy of this software and can still recover it, or restore the application to its original state (you can also choose to copy the applications to the computer, as well as other options when you download it from the App Store).

You can find more information about the possibilities of mazing in this article.

From iTunes

iTunes can also be used to uninstall apps from iOS devices, although, like most of the features offered by this software, it is not very practical or intuitive.

To do this, you need to connect the device with the USB cable to the computer, open iTunes, and access the device management screen. Once a while, you need to go to the Applications tab in the side menu, and at this point, you have two options:

In the list, it will appear on the left, click Remove all the apps you want to remove, then click the Apply or Synchronize button.

Uninstall the applications by clicking on each page on the right, moving your mouse and clicking on the X icon that appears in the forms.

As you can see, this process is not as easy as the other options, but there is one option, and if you are a regular user of iTunes, you can prioritize the others.

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