How to Unlock a Door

How to Unlock a Door

It is essential to follow a few steps to avoid making matters worse in the event of a fault or door lock—expert advice to reopen it.

When we cannot open the door due to problems with the lock, we usually have a terrible time, especially if it allows us to get in and out of the house or protect the environment from daily use, such as a bathroom or bedroom.

So, in order not to make matters worse, first of all, stay calm, take a deep breath, and get down to business. We will teach you How to Unlock a Door without the help of locksmiths and cost you dearly.

Although locksmiths are experts in repairing locks for homes, businesses, and cars, there are many things we can do to resolve these types of problems ourselves.

The first thing to remember is that when a lock starts to fail, it’s essential to fix it as soon as possible because, at some point, it will stop working and create problems for you.

It is good to know what problems are common in household locks, what their causes are, and how to solve them.

How to Unlock a Door

When we have to unlock the door, there are different methods. Let’s see what it is:

  • Use the leverage method.
  • Remove the old locks and install the new ones.
  • Remove the hinges and take out the door.

Type of liver

The lever method is one of the easiest ways to unlock the locks in an emergency. First, we need to look for the locksmith and look for a position that fits and closes the frame of the lock.

 Once this point act found, you have to recover the object that you are going to take the lever: it can be just a card or a sharp kitchen knife.

Then all you have to do is insert the object into the space between the latch and the door. For this, you need to go through it carefully, trying to move the lock.

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 All you can do is use a knife to stretch; they are hard and lockable. In these cases, you should be careful not to crack the wood or damage the frame.

Remove the old locksmith.

A complex, perhaps the best thing to do is to remove the old lock and see if it can be simplified and recoverable. To do this, you need to look for the screws that hold the latch.

Once detected, you must remove the lock from one side of the handle or button to disassemble the lock. Once pulled to one side, you will be able to see the internal system. It only remains to remove it on the other side to be able to disassemble the locks.

Keep the new lock

Once the old lock act removed, you can try to repair it with simplicity so that its mechanism works well or to insert the new one directly. The procedure is straightforward. Place the new one in the old one and reassemble it with the appropriate screws. The only consideration you may have is to verify that the lock you removed is the same size.

How to Unlock a Door

To make the details neat and to keep everything flawless, check to see if you’ve worn or broken wood in certain areas when removing the locksmith. If so, you can apply the sealant, let it dry, and then install the new lock.

How to Unlock a Door: Remove the hinges

Sometimes the problem is not related to the lock. In these cases, we have to remove the door by dismantling the seals. While it may sound complicated, it’s simple. Generally, you will find two flat sheets connected by a pin or bolt placed inside two hollow cylindrical tubes.

We need to remove the pins that hold the keys, place a screwdriver under the cap or head that hides the bolt, and then lift it. There you will see the bolt, and you can start removing it with your hands or pliers. Then you must do the same with the following keys. After removing the bolts, the door can act removed. It also allows easy access to the lock, if necessary.

How to remove a locked key

It is one of the most common problems. In this situation, all you have to do is pull very carefully to avoid twisting the key. Otherwise, it would break inward and make the case worse.

He catches the key as best he can and brings it closer to your position. Moving it from side to side, but very easily during this operation, can help you eliminate it. If you have trouble removing it, you can use a pair of pliers.

How to Unlock a Door

Sometimes it happens that the key is not locked somewhere. In these cases, the first thing you need to do is to remove the entire system from the old lock as described above, and then, with a metal file, slightly “eat” the key inserted in the mouth.

It widens the space, allowing you to enter the corresponding key, but in the inverted position, that is to say, upside down. Being in this position forces you to rotate it. That corrects the locking mechanism by unlocking it.

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