How to Wipe iPhone

How to Wipe iPhone: Completely Clean iOS: How to Delete What You Don’t Need from Your iPhone

How to Wipe iPhone: We will explain how to clean your iPhone by removing everything you don’t need in iOS. Mobile is a device we use almost every day, and it fills us with excess applications, files, or data that we don’t need and takes up too much space. So, after teaching you how to clean Android thoroughly, we will now explain it step by step on Apple devices.

We try not to make the article too dense, but it is useful for less informed users without sacrificing clarity in the descriptions. You should also know that we are going to give you all the alternatives, but you must choose the actions to be taken depending on the amount and amount of memory you want to free.

Before you start, some tips

As with other devices, it is advisable to make a backup of all your important files before you start to completely clean your iPhone or iPad so that they do not get lost. In this article, we will teach you in detail how to make backups on iOS and Android step by step so that you can recover data that you accidentally delete. (How to Wipe iPhone)

The 1st thing you need to do is enter the operating system settings. In the settings, click on the Apple ID option that appears above your name, and it’s called Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes Store and App 

On the Apple ID screen, click the iCloud option. You reach the screen, which determines the applications to be saved on iCloud. You can start and stop the data you want to copy separately. At the bottom, on this screen, click the Copy to iCloud option to intentionally manage or copy.

On the screen, you can disable or enable automatic backups in iCloud. It is always recommended to leave it enabled, but if you want to make any changes to the system, come here first and click on the option to save now. A copy of your data is in iCloud, and if you need to reset your mobile, you can recover everything again.

Uninstall apps you don’t use(How to Wipe iPhone)

The 1st step to cleaning your device is always the same; uninstall all the apps you don’t use, so they don’t take up space. Remember that you can reinstall them at any time, so you don’t need to put them “just in case” when you only use them once or twice a year. This will erase the application and its internal data.

How to Wipe iPhone: There are two ways to uninstall apps, depending on whether you want to uninstall a single app or if you are going to uninstall more than one. If you are about to uninstall the application, hold your finger for a few seconds until the context menu appears. In this menu, click on the Delete application option to continue uninstalling.

You also have another method to uninstall multiple apps quickly. To do this, hold your finger in any application and slide it slightly when you move it. All apps start to shake as a sign that you can move them to change places, and the icon with X to delete them will appear in the upper left corner.

How to Wipe iPhone

In iOS, you can delete almost all apps, except essential apps like App Store, clock, messages, wallet, and search functions. Apple applications like Test Flight, Shortcuts, or FaceTime can be deleted. The only application exception that you cannot delete is the Safari browser.

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Delete the application that stores your data and documents

How to Wipe iPhone: It’s not ideal for saving space, but iOS also lets you uninstall it while the app keeps its internal files and documents. That way, when you reinstall it, you can restore that data. To do this process, go to General Settings, and when you are there, click on the iPhone storage option to return to the management of its internal memory.

How to Wipe iPhone

You access a screen where you can see the status of your mobile’s internal storage, which items take up space and a list of applications that use the most room. In this file, click on the request from which you want to uninstall your data to access information concerning it.

When you click on one of the applications, you can see the space occupied by the use and its data and documents. You will have to choose between uninstalling the data or deleting it entirely. By default, with the methods we told you before deleting apps, everything is removed by default, so eliminating the app is all you can do from the main screen. The other option is, therefore, to uninstall it.

Other storage management

In the same iPhone storage menu, we accessed the steps from the previous point; you have other quick options. The first is to delete unused apps so that iOS automatically removes the apps you find least used to free up space. You must click Activate to do this.

Also, when you click View All, you also have the option to download videos that show you all of the videos downloaded in your media or streaming apps. This can be used to prevent them from removing the application. You will see the videos you downloaded to your mobile, which application downloaded them, if you saw them and how much they occupied.

Delete photos from your camera

How to Wipe iPhone: There are two reasons why you should delete photos. The first is that you want to save space, and the second is that the 5 GB limit of iCloud automatically gives you headaches when syncing photos. The place to go to delete them is the Photos app. In the Photos app, enter the albums category, because that’s where you can best manage them.

In photo albums, you can manage all your photos correctly. And if you want to see them all, go to the Recent Folder or Photos section. Once inside, to delete a single photo, place your finger on it until the context menu appears, in which you must click on the Delete option.

To delete several photos, click on the Selection option at the top right. When you’re done, click on each photo you want to delete, and if you have them all, click the trash can icon you find in the lower-right corner.

Once you’ve deleted them, the photos will still be in the trash. So go back to the Albums tab of the Photos application and continue to the end. After selecting the types of photos to manage, you will see other albums. In this document, you must click the Delete option to access the pictures in the trash.

You can do three things while you are in the trash. First, you can put your finger on one of the photos before deleting it. Then you can also click on the selection option at the top right. When you do, you can select multiple images to delete or click Delete All Options at the bottom left to empty the trash altogether. When you have it, you can no longer resend other photos.

Delete photo galleries from other applications

How to Wipe iPhone: WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, or Instagram or your mobile browser. Many apps create folders where you can upload your photos, and those folders will ultimately be useless. To delete them, you can access the Photos application and click on Albums. In the My Albums section, you will see what each app has created, if they currently contain photos.

By accessing these albums, you can access them to delete all their photos. You can click the View All button to see all of the records you have created through the apps so that we can enter each one to delete the photos as described in the previous point.

After deleting photos, you can also delete albums in the My Albums section. In this, click on the Edit button that you see in the upper right corner. When you do, a button with the subtraction icon will appear on all albums. With this button, you delete the records, but the photos they contain are not removed, so we told you to do it before.

Just like when you delete the rest of the photos, keep in mind that you will need to remove the pictures from the trash to delete them permanently and free up the space you need. The recycle bin allows you to recover photos that you accidentally deleted.

Some third-party apps can help you

Also, there are third-party applications that can help you recover a few gigabytes by deleting photos. An example of this is the Gemini Photos app, recommended by our colleagues at Apple, and it allows you to quickly get clear of all these duplicate photos from the iPhone or iPad.

Also, to duplicate photos, this app also finds many similar images, which helps you stay light when you are crazy to take multiple pictures of the same thing. It also finds screenshots and photos of text documents if you want to see and delete them inside your reel. There is a charge for removing similar images, but others are free. How to Wipe iPhone.

How to Wipe iPhone: About live photos

Live Photos is the function of the iPhone, in which the phone takes several photos instead of one to make short video clips or select the best of these captures avoiding eyes closed. And as expected, these types of photos take a little more space than a single photo, but not as much when using a HEIC container.

How to Wipe iPhone

They occupy twice as much as the usual forum, so deleting them is not even a prerequisite.

When taking photos, you have the Live Photos icon to turn them on or off at the top of the screen. And if you want to delete them, go to the Album section, which we accessed in the previous points, and in the content type, you have the Live Photos section, in which you can see everything you have and decide if you want to delete them.

Delete music, movies and other content offline

How to Wipe iPhone: Most streaming platforms, such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, or Movistar +, have an offline mode, which allows you to download series and movies whenever you want. If you are cleaning, you should make sure to delete all downloads to save significant amounts of megabytes and gigabytes.

You can do this in two ways. Switching from one app to another is very simple, as you can see in the screenshot, it’s useful if you have apps that download videos. As we pointed out above, in the General option, iPhone Storage, you can find a quick setting to access the list of videos downloaded to your iPhone via all applications.

The same goes for other apps, such as Spotify and the rest of the music streaming service, which lets you download music so you can listen to it while traveling or offline. Discs are not as massive as movies or series, so it’s easy to forget about them. Be sure to remove them as well.

And beyond the offline content of the streaming apps, you should also make sure to delete all the videos and songs downloaded by hand to your mobile to be able to listen. This will already make your task easier by following the steps to the next level.

Upload files to the cloud and delete them from your iPhone

How to Wipe iPhone: An excellent alternative to save space with your photos and videos is to keep the Copy in the cloud by eliminating the local file. Unfortunately, the iCloud and Photos app does not allow you to do this, because deleting the photo removes it from both sites. The Apple photo library always syncs between the cloud and the device, not granularly selected.

The best alternative to do this is to google photos, compress photos, and lose quality instead of unlimited storage, or take an extended storage plan from Google One. There are other cloud storage apps that allow you to do this, in which case Google Photos lets you organize, organize, and retrieve photos via iOS, Android, or its website.

When it comes to photos, you also have many other cloud storage options, where you can download all the files you need, including iCloud, and then access them from other devices. Here, look at the qualities of each to prevent them from convincing you.

Pay special attention to messaging apps

Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage. Messaging apps can take up a lot of space on your mobile. Audio, photos, videos, GIF … all these things can photograph the space they occupy, and it is not always easy to grasp.

The best way to do this, in this case, is to go to the application and delete the content. Whats App and Telegram both have a data and storage section in their settings, by clicking on the Storage Usage option, a list of cats that take up more space allows you to delete a few megabytes or gigabytes. Additional. Do the same process with the rest of your leading messaging apps.

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