iPhone as a Level

iPhone as a Level

Where is the scaling tool for my iPhone?

If you are upgrading your iPhone or iPad operating system to iOS, you may be wondering what happens to the level device. Don’t worry, and the scale is not visible; it has just been added to the new measurement application.

 Third-party developers have long offered a tire app, a tape measure, or both. Still, owners of the iPhone 8 and 5th generation iPad, iPad Pro, or later devices can take advantage of the new functionality with the functionality of the previous series. Tape measure for free.

 If you’re wondering where to find the level of your smartphone or tablet (or the soul stage as our British friends call it), read on.

How to Find a Level Tool on Your iPhone or iPad

Apple’s latest operating system introduced the augmented reality app. All you have to do is to find the scale is to open the measurement app!

The balance app is now on the iPhone measurement app

How to use the scale on your iPhone or iPad

After opening the measurement application, you just need to:

Tap the level at the bottom of the screen.

Put your device on the surface where you want to check the level; You can use this application in portrait or landscape mode.

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iPhone level tool

Your machine, so when the surface you are testing is level, you will see the green screen and 0ยบ.

If the surface you are checking is not level, the screen will be black, and you will see how many degrees more or less it is.

How to use the compass and scale on your iPhone

Many of us hide the Compass app, and Apple still hides it in the Extras folder on the iPhone, but it’s beneficial for simple everyday tasks that we might have lost or wanted in the bush. Hang a large photo.

The compass on your iPhone

The Compass app on the iPhone has a compass and a scale. The compass component requires minimal configuration. When you open the application, you need to calibrate the orientation by turning the phone as requested on the screen. After a few seconds, the compass will be ready for use.

To use it, do as you would with a traditional compass, i.e., hold your iPhone in your palm and rotate it to find the north. When a small “+” appears in the center of the screen, it is positioned in the center of the compass, while the thick white line indicates the direction to which the iPhone points, as well as the position.

iphone level tool

 You see it in the picture. Your phone will point. The app also gives you the rating of your location.

iphone level tool

Once you’ve pointed in the right direction, tap the screen to fix the location, and the red strip will show you how far you’ve gone.

By accessing the second part of this native iPhone application, you can access the scale by swiping the screen to the left. This simple tool is handy if you don’t have hand in hand, and it acts as a compass. Stay on its back or side surface to check if the iPhone is in perfect condition.

iphone level tool

The screen turns green when the iPhone is level.

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