iPhone How to Delete all Photos

How to Delete All Photos from iPhone Reel

iPhone How to Delete all Photos: Are you running out of space on your iPhone? Do you have a full roll of photos? Maintaining the amount of free space is an essential element to continue taking pictures, especially for those who have devices with 16GB capacity, since the SD card cannot be removed and inserted in iOS devices.

Today we are going to learn iPhone How to delete all the photos from our favorite device. Let’s go

If we are fully aware that we have already transferred all the pictures from our iPhone to our Mac or PC, in any case, we can delete these photos from our device and free up memory.

Streaming photos can get uncomfortable

The best way to secure the images we take with the iPhone is to enable streaming photos. However, as we currently think, this functionality doubles the number of photos taken by our terminal and triples. Save on each photo reel and streaming photo albums. 

When the same photo is shared in a shared album, the picture is duplicated. Ouch!

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To view all the storage used by the photos, we can go to Settings -> General -> Usage. Here you can see the place occupied by each application, including the camera. If you enter photos and a camera, you can see the break between the reel, photo library, and streaming photos. 

One way to avoid this duplication of photos is to delete them from the terminal when you download them to our Mac or PC.

Access the reel from the Mac

If you’ve turned on photo streaming, you don’t need to connect iPhone to Mac. When this option is highlighted, all the photos we take on a smartphone are automatically included in the Streaming Photos section of iPhoto on Mac. Or not? Well, unfortunately, not. The photo streaming feature is limited to the last 1,000 images taken with the iPhone.

You connect an iPhone to a Mac, iPhoto, and Aperture will ask you if you want to delete the photos after importing them. Also, this is possible to use the image capture application to select photos directly from the reel and remove them immediately.

 To do this, you must launch the image capture application, search for the iPhone on the devices, select everything, and click Delete on the File menu.

How to delete all photos without Mac

Since not everyone has a Mac or not, everyone wants to connect their terminal to the computer; we are trying to eliminate the pictures on the reel directly from our iPhone.

 Suppose you notice that we can only select one photo at a time, there is no “select all” option. While it is okay to remove the opportunity, if we want to erase all the photos we have, it can be tough.

iPhone How to Delete all Photos

Auspiciously, there is a way to delete all photos at once, but unfortunately, it is not available in iOS 7, and you can only use this method if you have iOS 6 or an earlier version. We have to go back to Settings -> General -> Use -> Photos and camera. 

If we swipe our finger to the left of the spool line, the “Delete” button will appear. Clicking the button erases all the photos from our iPhone reel. This action is not reducible, so be sure to back up the images.

Have you ever cleaned the coil of your iPhone?

If you have a broken iPhone and you don’t want to hold a single photo, you can try to free up space using these methods. Let us know in the comments what you think!

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Important note: make sure to save everything before deleting anything.

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