Manage Subscriptions on iPhone: Two Methods are Explained

Manage Subscriptions on iPhone: The new plan may have caught your attention, or you may have decided to cancel your App Store membership because it didn’t meet your expectations. Whatever you think, managing memberships on the iPhone or iPad is now much more comfortable. And that’s what we’re going to cover in this guide.

With the new shortcut, you can quickly view your Apple Music and other subscriptions from the App Store. Unlike the previous one, this process is more visible and direct.

One thing to note is that the latest version of iOS still allows you to manage everything from the Settings app. Thus, you have several ways to manage your purchases. Let us help you get started!

How to view, modify or cancel subscriptions on iPhone or iPad from the App Store Manage Subscriptions on iPhone

Step 1. Download the App Store on your iOS device.

Step 2. If your device is running iOS 12.1.4, tap your profile in the upper right corner, then tap Manage subscriptions.

Note: In the previous version of iOS, you could touch the personalized recommendations of your Touch profile, then press Subscriptions.

Step 3. Then you should see all your subscriptions to the App Store, Apple Music, and other apps.

Then you can change everything as usual. For example, you have the option of choosing another membership option or canceling the one you no longer need. Please note; The plan only ends at the end of the current billing cycle.

How to access App Store subscriptions from iOS settings ( Manage Subscriptions on iPhone )

Step 1. Select the Settings app on your iOS device. Then tap on your profile icon and select iTunes and App Store.

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Or scroll down and tap iTunes and App Store.

Step 2. Now tap on your Apple ID.

Step 3. then tap Show Apple ID in the popup window. Then you need to authenticate your Account.

Step 4. Then press Subscriptions.

On the next screen, you know what to do.


Timed …

Individually: This new option is more useful to me because it allows you to quickly immerse yourself and subscribe to whatever you subscribe to. Let me know what you think about it below.

How to cancel subscriptions on the iPhone or iPad and avoid unexpected events

Don’t pay too much: learn how to cancel subscriptions on iPhone or iPad

Whether you have the iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8, or iPad Mini 5, there are many services available on Apple iOS devices for a variety of fees. In order not to be surprised by specific costs, we will explain how to cancel subscriptions on an iPhone or iPad.

You can subscribe to Apple Music and subscribe to Wired via Apple News, or you can choose to get HBO Now via the HBO app. Although these services are initially offered with a free trial version, they will start charging you if you forget to cancel them before the end of this period.

Fortunately, Apple allows you to quickly check your membership status. We will show you how to cancel subscriptions on the iPhone or iPad in a few simple steps.

How to cancel subscriptions on iPhone( Manage Subscriptions on iPhone )

It is straightforward to review your current memberships and modify or cancel them. You can cancel subscriptions via iPhone:

You have to start by going to Settings> [Your name]> iTunes and App Store.

Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

Tap the Apple ID for View and sign in.

Scroll and tap the subscriptions button.

Find the subscription u want to cancel and touch it.

Tap Cancel at the bottom.

You will get a popup message indicating the end of the subscription, and you will have to press Check to complete the cancellation.

Remember that you can still use the subscription or free trial until the end of the validity period.

How to cancel subscriptions from iTunes

If you want to view or cancel subscriptions on your PC or Mac, you can do so via iTunes. How to proceed:

Open iTunes and click Account> View My Account.

Log in with your Apple ID and click View Account.

Scroll to Settings and click Manage next to subscriptions.

Find the membership in the request and tap where you say Edit.

Click Cancel subscription.

You will see a popup window that highlights the end of your current membership period and click Confirm to complete the cancellation.Manage Subscriptions on iPhone

As noted above, you can continue to use your subscription or free trial until the end of the current subscription period.

manage subscriptions from iPhone

Do you have the option to cancel or lose membership data?

If you have a subscription in your list and find that the cancel option does not appear when you tap it, you may have already canceled it. If it says [date] expires below, you’ve already canceled it. When the subscription is active, it indicates Restore [Date] below.

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