Meghan Markle Pregnant

Meghan Markle Pregnant:

Little Archie, the son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, was born six months ago. Now rumors about the possible second pregnancy of the Duchess of Sussex are on the rise, for many British royalty experts, a fact that they hardly suspect anyone else.

But, in the absence of official confirmation by the protagonist, what are the signs that have prompted the media and fans to believe the possible arrival of Meghan and Harry’s second son?

The complete analysis of Sussex’s images, gestures, behaviors, and words has been rapid, which is why Meghan Markle is pregnant.

One of the Duchess’s last public ceremonies took place at the Royal Albert Hall on the occasion of Remembrance Day. Meghan’s dress raised some doubts about wearing a cut above the waist and a flared skirt in the same area. The choice of this design may correspond to an attempt to hide the abdomen.

Some of Harry’s wife’s gestures went unnoticed. Meghan placed her hands on his stomach several times, a gesture she made during Archie’s pregnancy.

On the other hand, on 6 November, the couple visited the Broome Farm Community Center, home to the Coldstream Guard and Welsh Guard Regiment. There, Sussex was talking to other mothers whose husbands are abroad.

One of the women presents that day, who was able to speak at length with Prince Harry and was later revealed by statements by Charles’s son from England, which attracted considerable attention.

Meghan Markle Pregnant

Meghan Markle Pregnant

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Thanks to them, one can understand that Sussex has clear intentions and a desire to become a parent again in a short period.

An army woman, Susie String fellow, told the Forces Network, a media outlet dedicated to the British Armed Forces, that “Harry was very interested in the problems of the second child.”

No more signs. In this case, the improvements that come from Sussex’s house. Meghan and Prince Harry were renovating Frogham Cottage before Archie was born.

In addition to a bedroom designed for the smaller ones, the house has five others built, all with their bathrooms. Meghan and Harry could have more children in the future when they decided to start reforming.

Finally, there is the final description of Prince Harry’s gestures. Body language expert Judy James analyzed Harry’s body language during Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October 2018, when Meghan was pregnant with Archie and found the details that caught her eye.

 For example, Harry placed his hand several times on Meghan’s back, which parents usually feel if they want to be protective. Besides, Guillermo’s brother placed his hands on her stomach several times, a gesture with which he could inadvertently mimic Meghan’s gesture of pregnancy.

Too. During one of his last performances at the Royal Albert Hall, Harry repeated this gesture of touching his stomach on the occasion of the Remembrance Day Festival. For many, Prince would repeat the pattern of behavior he had already shown during Archie’s pregnancy.

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