Microwave Not Heating

Microwave Not Heating

Can the microwave heat up? We explain why

When the microwave is not heating, it can be for various reasons, so if this is your case, we will explain the two most common errors to you and help you out. It is essential that you first make sure that it does not overheat and that it is not a problem with feeding, taking, etc. In other words, please try to connect it to another location or check this socket with another device to exclude this option.

One of the most common disadvantages of microwaves is the so-called perforated “mica plate.” That is a type of plate that is usually found on one of the walls of the microwave and protects the magnetron from leaving debris or dust when heating or cooking food.

As we said, if it breaks the mica plate, you can find a solution by replacing the new one very carefully (we recommend that this work be done by a professional). If the problem moves solved, it is inevitable that the error is motivated by this factor and that there is an economical solution.

Second, there is another common mistake, and at the same time, it is much more severe than what we have already discussed. The magnetron may have stopped working. The magnetron is responsible for converting electrical energy known as microwaves into electromagnetism. In other words, it’s one of the basics of creating a microwave.

In both cases, we always recommend calling a specialist to thoroughly examine the entire mechanism and give you an accurate diagnosis.

If you talk to the specialist and the diagnosis is not compatible with the microwave, you should remember this. You can find all products and samples at the best price.

The PS microwave stops working at any time if a metallic element move inserted inside. In other words, if you ignore and add a teaspoon or a piece of metallic paper, it will break in seconds, for this reason, from Enos. We recommend taking special precautions and tasty ingredients while keeping the Perez microwave in operation.

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Replace the working microwave fuse

Repairing the Teca microwave oven does not overheat, but turning on, turning on the hob and turning on the lights is an easy task because, most likely, the internal fuse abide blown. The bad news is that you may also need to remove the back cover or the side cover (which is usually one piece), but it shouldn’t take you more than half an hour.

Microwave Not Heating

First, as always, security. Safety first, so the first thing we do to change that is to disconnect from the power. Be careful, however, because microelectronics has capacitors that store at present even when they are divided.

For safety reasons, do not touch the electrical part directly with your hands. Use pliers to remove the fuse and try not to touch the remaining electrical components with your hands.

With this in mind, it is easy to access the fuse. Depending on the model, you may need to remove several screws that attach to the inner frame of the outer sheet. Usually, this case is in one piece, so with a few screws, you expose the entire interior of the Teca microwave.

Inside you will find five large pieces of paper:

acquaintance controls and electronic buttons that maintain power and time act glued to the front.

The magnetron is a large and heavy vial attached to the inside of the microwave oven. And usually has a sticker that says “Danger, high voltage,” even if it is in English … easily understandable, right?

One or two green or brown panels with a power circuit, usually secured by screws at the bottom of the microwave

mechanism, it is a set of different plastic blocks that are attached to another “Danger” sticker. As the name suggests, it converts alternating current from the household outlet into direct current that powers the microwave.

Finally, the condenser is a considerable belt bag that temporarily stores the current (there is, therefore, a risk if the oven is turned off but not maintained properly). Click here to watch the video on how to release the capacitor. It is effortless and can protect you from sparks.

These pieces or sets of articles are enormous and easily identifiable with the naked eye.

The fuse is a small glass tube, with metal stops on each side, about 4 cm long, between the capacitor and the transformer, which are connected by electric cables. It is probably a small plastic tube inside, but it is a small tubular piece that is no more than a few centimeters; a wire comes out from one end, and another goes through the other. There is no damage.

We will replace it after purchasing the appropriate fuse on the satcompostela.com online store (If you do not know which fuse to use, please contact us. Have a reference and model of your microwave oven; we will be happy to assist you and assist you in this simple repair)

With the tweezers (do not replace the private hands), we remove the plastic tube from its holder (by pulling it), and we open the clip or turn the machine to remove the fuse from the inside. The blown a fuse is easily detectable by darkening the inside of the tube slightly. However, the new fuse is entirely transparent.

We kept the new one, closed the tube and put it back in place. We assemble the outer case, and we prove that it works even if it is not by screwing it on all the screws (do not try to light it without the case; there is a severe risk of death). After the recording, we finish screwing and voila!

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