Newest Emojis on iPhone:

Newest Emojis on iPhone: First look: New emojis on iOS 13.2

 Latest iOS Beta – iOS 13.2 Beta 2 – is the first to include new emojis that Apple previewed in July of this year.

Update: iOS 13.2 is out. See all the new emojis here or read the iOS 13.2 emoji changelog for a summary of all the changes.

Also, there are accessibility emojis such as the flamingo, business, and skin support for people in wheelchairs or hearing aids.

It is the first time that the otter’s emoji from Apple, the planet with the rings, the drinks box, and the hand pinch emojis are presented.

They were approved as part of the same Unicode 12.0 emoji update earlier this year but were not added in Apple’s World Emoji Day preview.

First, look

One of the new emojis approved in 2019 is the 🤏 Pinching Hand, which looks like the latest beta version of iOS:

Also coming to iOS 13.2 and is now available in the newest beta version from developer 🦦 Otter.

The planet Ring Emoji, which at least looks like Saturn in the solar system, will have at least one prominent fan when it comes out in October or November this year.

Newest Emojis on iPhone Of all the new accessibility emojis that Apple proposed in 2018, one turned to this beta version from the proposal phase: Service Dog Emoji. New emojis are also less likely to be combined with new emojis for guide dogs.

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Holding hands

For the first time on iOS, there are options to choose a combination of skin tones for:

Women and man holding hands

 Women holding hands

 Men holding hands

It uses a new type of interface where skin tones are selected simultaneously for people on the left and right. The menu style that will appear in the future can be used to support skin tones in future families.

What is missing 

in this version is the ability to add people with gender in hand and various corresponding skin tone options from the emoji.

With the new announcement of Emoji 12.1 from the Unicode Consortium, which mainly adds new non-sexist scenes, Apple is likely to discontinue non-sexist support until the release of Emoji 12.1 later this year.

People with hand gender support the emoji font, but do not appear on the keyboard in this beta version.

Curiously, people of this gender are all dressed in white clothes. It was previously used as a neutral color on emoji-type emojis. The shade on the t-shirt works well but seems somewhat out of place when paired with white pants – especially when it comes to colorful dresses for women and men. This will change before the final version.

Apple is one of the dealer requesting additional skin tone combinations for a pair of available genres, and they will not be added to the keyboard in a future update.

Without distinction of gender

one more significant change in this version is the support for the just-announced Emoji 12.1 update, which adds a gender-aware option to the majority of human emojis.

Newest Emojis on iPhone Earlier this year, Google reported the use of existing emoji code points that did not specify gender, which made it unique. Emoji 12.1 brings out that ensemble by providing new genre-neutral scenes for almost everyone in the emoji set. These are reflected in the beta version of iOS 13.2 today.

Now, on the iOS emoji keyboard, three options are available: female, male, or male.

Unlike other implementations, Apple’s gender choices are not found in the emoji keyboard submenu and are instead displayed side by side at the top.

This means that an office worker, singer, vampire, or Me person of equal sex can now be dispatched with the previous options available for women or men.


iOS 13.2 Beta 2 is available for iOS developers today and will be released as a free software update in October or November 2019.

As with any beta software, the models may not be final and are subject to change.

For a specific list of new emojis supported in iOS 13.2 Beta 2, browse both:

Emoji 12.0 (February 2019)

Emoji 12.1 (October 2019)

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