Top Seven Best Free PC Games In 2020 For Game Lovers

The Best Free PC Games

Let’s escape from daily life stress with the best PC games, and most Popular PC Games Free to play. Top Seven Games for you, Lets Checkout The Best Free PC Games:


The Best Free PC Games

Located during World War II, this combat-oriented flight simulator allows players to enter the cockpit of planes from five world powers. If you want a severe simulation, where controlling an airplane is a complicated task, you can do it in War Thunder.

But if you’re going to play it more like an arcade game, you can do that too. Once you are sure of your skills, you can jump online and take part in epic 16-on-16 dogfights or objective-based missions. As a free game, many planes and benefits locked up behind the payment walls.

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The Best Free PC Games


Unknown's Battlegrounds

PC versions of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds aren’t free, but if you want to enjoy real strategic combat action on the go and you’re not in the mood for Fortnite. This game is based on the PC version and includes touch controls so you can aim your weapon, loot buildings, cross the considerable game map, and hit people with a pan.

A pure virtual lock allows you to “set it up and forget it,” and there’s even voice chat support for your team games so you can coordinate with your teammates before you kill.

PUBG Mobile is also not a hastily constructed money transfer. The game has optimized for mobile devices, with a frame rate that can often embarrass the Xbox One version. The game will automatically select the graphics settings, but You can change it at any time to maximize the details or improve performance.

A recent update has also added the “Miramar” desert map to the game, and activities give you reasons to keep playing beyond the coveted chicken dinner.

Apex Legends

the best free pc games

Located in the world of Titanfall, but without titans or walls, Apex Legends is the Respawn version of the Battle Royale genre. Apex Legends has to do with teamwork, with 20 teams of three competing to be the last team standing.

The progress of a match will be familiar to all those who have played a real battle: drop from the sky, find the group, enter the circle before the playable area reduced. The difference between Apex Legends is that it also has hero shooting elements.

Each of the eight characters has their final abilities and moves, ranging from defensive moves to warped portal and mortar attacks. The death is not permanent. You can resuscitate fallen teammates and even revive them by wearing their nameplates at a lighthouse. Apex Legends is a neat experience with great shots, a great map, and a fun list of characters. It is one of the best free shooter games and is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



Blizzard is the master of enamel, and it was never as evident as when the developer launched Hearthstone in 2014. Taking the favorite characters of fans of the Warcraft series (Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore and many others) fighting of players in Magic: The Gathering- duel style cards to virtual death, using a variety of spells and subjects, including Murlocs, to reduce the health of their opponents to zero.

It is a premise of deceptive simplicity. In addition to Mana crystals, which determine how many cards and which cards you can play in a spin, there aren’t many unique gameplay mechanics for Hearthstone. However, the energetic games of the game and the full range of strategies will keep you looking forward to playing one more game.

The new cards, which can be purchased with gold obtained through regular play, help you develop your custom decks. You can also get tickets faster by spending real money, although gold delivered at such a liberal rate that you can continue playing for free if you focus on just one competitive deck.

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killer instinct

Microsoft and Double Helix have relaunched Killer Instinct as a fierce fighter with style Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter run money. The competitive wrestling scene since its launch in 2013. Developer Iron Galaxy has also improved the formula in recent years, and the Incorporation of Incredible Fighters like Spinal and Battletoads‘ Rash add variety and a good dose.

Infinity modes are available in Killer Instinct without paying a penny, but you are limited to once one character at a time. And the upcoming Games With Gold raffle includes free access to figures from the second season.


path of exile

Very inspired by the Diablo series, the Path of Exile is a great online action role-playing game with a loop and tons of fun. Grinding Gear Games Designed the game, Path of Exile was launched in 2013 with a positive critical reception but has only improved since with new extensions, adding new elements, skills, and story content.

Players choose from one of six classes: Witch, Shadow, Ranger, Marauder, Duelist, Templar, each with their own sets of moves, strengths, and weaknesses.


The Best Free PC Games

For Pokemon fans looking for a little more history and a lot less walking in their free games, Pokemon Masters is a great option. Instead of focusing on monsters, the set includes all of the famous human Pokemon masters of games and anime over the years.

Select several of them to fight with you, each one armed with a Pokémon. A cooling-based combat system forces you to rely on weaknesses and coordination to keep your group alive.

Conclusion: The above 7 games are the Editors choice. We will update the list very often

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