What are Restrictions on iPhone

What are Restrictions on iPhone

Activate iPhone restrictions to avoid surprises.

If they are not personalized, there are restrictions to limit certain functions, such as account changes, purchases without passwords, and deletion of applications, so we do not know what is available or activated. To increase security

Regardless of whether one of the publishers of this website has already addressed this subject, he and other important factors, it never bothers to insist on it.

If you do not know it yet, you should know that by default, it is installed according to iOS when we buy on iTunes. After entering the password, we can continue to buy without having to wait 15 minutes, which is very practical. Still, it is not a right or safe option, especially at that time, A child who has access to a computer If the new label.

What are Restrictions on iPhone

 If you agree with me, I will show you how to change the present configuration.

Open the settings, occasional restrictions, scroll down until you find this text, press it, and activate the limits so that a box appears, which prompts you to enter the code, we repeat it twice to check that it is correct.

It is essential not to forget it because if it does, this will force you to reset the device to make changes to the defined settings. After all, if we restore the backup, it will have the forgotten code for the restrictions that prevent him from modifying everything that corresponds to this section. I will detail.

An example of the available functions can be seen in the image below, which corresponds to the screen where you can customize the settings for purchases on iTunes so that the password is immediately requested by default.

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Authorized applications:

Safari, camera, Face Time, iTunes Store, i Book’s, install apps, delete apps (one way to avoid uninstalling Find My iPhone, iPad App). Integrated purchasing (well deactivated and activated appropriately) and Siri.

what is iPhone restrictions

Authorized content:

Music, podcasts and iTunes, movies, programs, books, apps, Siri, websites, password request (or 15x, recommended for you to request immediately)


Location, contacts, calendars, reminders, photos, Bluetooth sharing, microphone, Twitter, Facebook, and advertising. Each section deserves special attention so that at least we can make it clear that it is what we want.

Allow changes:

Accounts (prohibiting changes means that you cannot send or receive purchases and the like until you reset the new password by changing the password for any email account or Apple ID, so please forget the restriction code The device must be reset as I said at the beginning) Use of mobile data, (Wi-F Unnecessary use of data I recommend it to avoid inactivation) background update, volume limit.

Game Centre, I don’t have a big picture of you for this last section.

Multiplayer games

Add friends.

All of this we can do with restrictions, now it’s up to you to activate what seems convenient to you, but there are certainly some that interest you.

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