What Does the i in iPhone Stand For

What Does the i in iPhone Stand For

What Does the i in iPhone Stand For: iPhone, iPad, iMac… here is what Apple “i” means

We have seen it so many times. The typical “i” of the different product names that Apple has marketed over the years, iMac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iOS … represents an era since the iMac launched in 1998. But how did it come about? What does it mean?

There are many theories and rumors on the Internet about certain symbolic elements of Apple: its logo, the square of the Start button, its trade name, and, of course, the “I” of its products.

Some consumers believe “I” means the Internet, while others believe it does not, but it is a distinctive trademark to improve marketing. But today we have found the answer.

As mentioned earlier, at a special Apple event in 1998, Steve Jobs introduced the iMac. It was around this time that he described the real relationship between “i” and “Mac”.

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What does “I” really mean for Apple products?

What Does the i in iPhone Stand For

All along with Steve Jobs’ conference by iMac, affecting co-founder about Apple explained this ” powerful iMac comes from a marriage between the excitement of the Internet and the simplicity of the Macintosh.”

It’s pretty evident that the ubiquitous and iconic “i” prefix for the iPhone, iPad, and iMac comes from “the Internet,” right? Well, not much else.

Describing the meaning of iMac’s “I,” Steve Jobs lists a series of words that fully define the relationship between Apple devices and their user experience:

  • Internet
  • nobody
  • The instructions of this game
  • report
  • Inspired

When Apple introduced the iPod to the world, they probably didn’t choose its name based on the word “Internet”, but on the other terms mentioned above. After the launch of the first iPhone, the company restored the original meaning of “I” on a device specially designed to improve communication on the Internet.

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