What is Fascism in simple terms-What is Neo fascism? What is fascism ww2

What is Fascism in simple terms


What is Fascism in simple terms: Fascism is basically a form of government that is entirely opposite to Democracy. Democracy is a type of government where the people in the state are given complete authority and are also provided with the right to question the government.

Whereas the people under the fascist government are deprived of their rights and are not allowed to express or intervene in the decisions and issues of the government. Fascism is generally a type of government where a single person rules the entire country or a state as a dictator.

This form of government first came into existence at the time of world war 1 when the dictator of Italy Benito Mussolini introduced the National Fascist Party in 1925. Fascism was also replaced with Hitlerism, Nazism, Self government, etc.

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What is Fascism in simple terms-FOUNDER OF FASCISM

Fascism first came into limelight during the 1920s by an Italian Politician and Journalist, Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini. He was born in Italy on 29th July 1883. He was the former president of Italy and ruled the country as per the constitution till 1925.

Post-1925, he formed a political party named National Fascist Party. He was an inspiration to many upcoming leaders. Hitler was one of them who later formed Nazism, which is similar to Fascism, and it was formed as a result of inspiration from Fascism.

Mussolini was against Democracy and said that Democracy could never develop the nation, and providing people with rights can give them immense freedom, and this would destroy the nation.

He held many honourable positions in Italy by being the 27th President of Italy, Duce of the Italian Social Republic, Duce of Fascism, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Italian Africa, Minister of war, Minister of Interior, Member of Chamber of Deputies.

He was one of those leaders in the world who was immensely hated by their own countrymen and world as well. On 25th April 1945, Some allied troops entered north Italy and shot Mussolini.

Later his body was loaded in a van and brought to the residential spots of Italy where his body was hung upside down, and all the people spat upon him, kicked him, and threw stones at his body. Their anger and Frustration displayed their clear hatred towards Fascism and their ideologies.


After 1940’s Fascism was not seen in the world because the entire world was against it, and everybody started demanding Democracy through huge and large protests and agitations. Fascism got vanished after World War 2 and the death of Hitler and Mussolini.

But according to recent studies, the former secretary of state, Marilyn Hobbs Obituary, wrote a book on Fascism stating that it is again coming into existence and no country in the world would be free from it be it America or India.

The changing systems in the world are the greatest signs of Fascism. There are many more leaders in the world who warned the nations against the growing trend of Fascism. There are some warning signs that substantiate that the nations are adopting Fascism.

fascism is authoritarian and promotes nationalism at all costs.

Robert Paxton, a professor of social science at Columbia University in New York who is widely considered the father of fascism studies has defined fascism as “a form of political practice distinctive to the 20th century that arouses popular enthusiasm by sophisticated propaganda techniques for an anti-liberal, anti-socialist, violently exclusionary, expansionist nationalist agenda.



The fascist government gives more preference to the nation rather than something else.

A nation is always put over all the other factors, such as rights, duties, or freedom. In a fascist government, you always need to prove that you are a patriot and demonstrate that you can do anything for the nation.

For instance, when Germany was under the rule of Hitler, the people over there were forced to fight for the country and were pressurized to call Hitler as the Father of the Nation.


Human rights are the basic standards provided to people to ensure them a good and dignified life.

They are essential to all human beings throughout the world. Everybody needs to respect them and follow them. Violation of human rights leads to severe punishments.

But in a Fascist Government, human rights are given no importance because they put nation, Military, and Corporate power over everything else.

What is Fascism in simple terms

Labour power is suppressed, and freedom of expression, which is the most privileged right, is suppressed. The government gets obsessed with crime and punishments.

People in the state are discriminated based on their religion, culture, creed, and race. Corruption and cronyism get amplified, and as a result, the whole democratic system gets destroyed. People under this government are deprived of their most prestigious right to vote.


The world now has become the safest place to reside compared to the 1940s, where people were busy fighting against the governments for their rights. We live in democratic nations where we are given all the rights that are essential for a good and dignified living.

So it is only us who can protect the world from such a deadly virus called Fascism. Or else it will start spreading and multiplying like a virus, and our world will no longer be a nicer place to live because history is a proof that Fascism had always led to wars and violence in the world. By this, I conclude What is Fascism in simple terms

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