What to Wear to Disney World

What to Wear to Disney World

What to Wear to Disney World: Tips for dressing up in Disney Parks

When we go on vacation, we pack our bags with our favorite clothes, but it is also essential to consider what clothes will help us the most during a trip to Disney parks.


There is a lot of walking in Disney parks, so we cannot emphasize the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. If you are going to buy shoes for travel, remember to use them before adjusting them and make sure they do not bother you. What to Wear to Disney World

If they are going in scorching weather, try to be a good sole as the road gets very hot. In the case of the rainy season, try to make your shoes resistant to water and puddle. Do not wear heels unless you have a restaurant reservation, or if you are celebrating an important event, however, do wear heels as long as necessary.

Pack at least two pairs of comfortable shoes in your suitcase; changing shoes can give your feet a rest, and you will also ct prepared for any event that can happen to any of your pairs (wet, break, dirty Being, etc.). .).

Dress according to the weather

Before packing, be sure to check the weather forecast. Depending on the case, be sure to wear a hat or cap, goggles, raincoat, jacket, gloves, scarf, etc. It acts recommended that you dress in layers during cold weather, in such a way that you can cover or expose yourself when necessary.

Anticipate climate change

Especially in Florida, the weather may surprise you, bringing pants and a jacket to your suitcase. That way, if the weather changes, you know that you have emergency pants.


The use of costumes acts authorized for children under 14 years of age. For adults, this option works prohibited for the reason that is at least very logical for us. When an adult disguises himself, he may be confused by children or other visitors as an actual character.

What to Wear to Disney World

As visitors, we likely do not always behave like a character, which is not the case of others. It can generate a negative experience. Visitors. It should act noted that Disney takes excellent care of the appearance and behavior of its characters, which means that we all have a magical experience with them. So it makes sense that people over the age of 14 may not wear a costume, but Disneybound can be an incredible option.

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What to Wear to Disney World: Disneybound

Disneybound Casual / Rose has different combinations of clothing and accessories inspired by Disney characters to emulate that you are the character, but without the description that a costume act received. We recommend Disneybound for all adults who want to get into Disney costumes but are not allowed due to their age.

It is generally a much more comfortable option for children than a full suit. However; It requires an entire prior organization to find and create the necessary combinations. You can find many Disneybound inspirations online, including ideas for a couple, family, or group of friends.

Prohibited clothing

Disney is a family place that takes excellent care of its image and environment so that we all have a great experience, so it has a dress code. In some ways, you will not be able to dress in the park; therefore, they will not allow you to enter:

Very worn clothes: Avoid excessively torn and adorned pants or shirts. No one wants to feel that there are beggars or homeless people on Disney. (Without people living in such conditions)

Some clothes or clothes that show too much skin: Apparently, shorts and tank tops are allowed, but remember that this is a familiar place. Avoid very low cut dresses, pay attention to shorts and skirt lengths. Always dress on a bikini and swimsuit. Men should always wear shirts.

What to Wear to Disney World

Clothes with aggressive images: In all the parks, you can find people with beliefs, characteristics, customs, age, etc. Different. For this reason, clothes with messages or images that may be offensive act prohibited. Avoid thick shirts or words that can abide misinterpreted. This rule includes tattoos, so if you have a symbol that can be offensive, we recommend that you wear clothes that cover it all the time.

Masks: For safety reasons, masks are prohibited for people over 14 years of age except for health reasons (oxygen masks, excessive sensitivity to the sun, etc.). For children, costumes should not interfere with vision or breathing.

What to Wear to Disney World

Scars (rump) with injuries, clothes, and hats: All dresses long to slide on the ground acts prohibited for safety reasons/

What to Wear to Disney World

 because on many occasions, the attraction has electric bands or the game will go on when you climb, No one else would want your clothes stuck in a lure system. As Edna Moda says, “No, diapers!”

Comfort as a priority

Like shoes, remember that during your stay in the park, you will probably be walking around a lot, so do your best to make your clothes comfortable. Avoid clothes that are too tight or that make you uncomfortable. However, keep in mind that you will take a lot of photographs during the journey, so do not neglect your presence by going to the peak of extreme faces.

Uniformed family

If you are traveling with a family or group, especially if they are celebrating something, then your trip is an excellent opportunity to reunite the family. It can be done in various ways, depending on your taste. Some families apply a different color per day; others send specific T-shirts for travel or make a Disney bound from the same movie, etc.

Bringing the family together can be a great idea to remember the trip, look-alike in photos, or prevent a member from losing so quickly. However, remember to make sure that the whole family or group agrees and is comfortable with the decision; this activity should encourage fun, not hatred. Also remember that in case of sending to make clothes or shirts, make sure that the clothes are comfortable for everyone and of good quality.

Disney clothes

For obvious reasons, visiting the parks to wear your Disney shirt, clothes, hat, and hat in your wardrobe is the perfect excuse. You may not be able to wear these clothes as often as you would like to work or school, but there is no reason to indulge your enthusiasm in Disney parks.

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